Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Sleeve


Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Sleeve

(64 customer reviews)


  • Reduces acute pain and spasms
  • Relaxes muscles and stiffness
  • Worn just like a shirt sleeve
  • Fits either shoulders
  • Used hot or cold
  • Stays cold for 20-40 min


To determine which sizes may best fit you, you use your shirt sizes.

Unlike the wrap, the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Shoulder Sleeve is worn just like a shirt sleeve. Designed to universally fit either right or left shoulder, the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Sleeve is perfect for the hard to fit areas of the shoulder, upper and lower arm, upper chest and back areas. Since the Elasto-Gel will remain flexible even at -20 F, range of motion is not limited.

If used as a cold therapy wrap, there will be a reduction in swelling and inflammation. The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Sleeve can be used as cryotherapy for acute pain like a sprain, strain or immediately after an injury. Use after an intense workout will also give benefits of reducing pain and muscle spasms. The wrap will stay cold for 20-40 minutes, giving ample time for cold therapy. To reduce soreness, reoccurring pain or injuries, use the wrap as a hot therapy product. The warmth melts away soreness, relaxes muscles and helps with stiffness by increasing circulation and blood-flow.

Directions for COLD THERAPY
• Place gel pack in freezer for 2 hours or more.
• Close compartment and apply compression wrap as shown and secure by attaching the elastic strap.
• Remains flexible after frozen.
Gel pack will maintain cold therapy for 30-60 minutes. It is best to keep an extra gel pack in the
freezer to replace the original that is in use when it is no longer cold. The pack may remain in
freezer until next use.

Directions for HOT THERAPY
• Fold the pack in half. Heat in microwave for 20 seconds on each side. Unfold the pack and refold in the
other direction. Heat in the microwave for an additional 20 seconds on each side. This will improve
uniform heating throughout the entire pack. For additional warmth, heat in 10 second increments.
• Remove pack from microwave and wait for one minute before applying to skin.
• Apply compression wrap as shown by attaching the elastic strap.
Gel pack will maintain hot therapy for 20-30 minutes. When pack is no longer hot, reheat in
microwave at 10 second increments until desired temperature is reached. The gel pack may be
stored at room temperature. Test after each 10 second increments.


Remove the outside cover and hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Hang up to dry. Wipe the white inner cover with a damp (not wet) cloth using mild soap or disinfectant. Allow the product to fully air dry before continuing to use.

Additional information

Weight1.86 lbs

Small/Medium, Large/XL

64 reviews for Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Sleeve

  1. H. McBride

    OMg… what a relief!

  2. Luvcows

    I have been using this wrap at my physical therapist’s office for icing afterwards and love how it is so soft and pliable and chills my wrist quickly. Loved it so much I had to find one to use at home. I have 2 other brands of wraps and they don’t compare. Once freezes to hard and the other doesn’t stay cold long enough. So glad I found this one!

  3. Customer

    Works great! Perfect for people with carpal tunnel

  4. Hammer Thrower

    Great product. Excellent quality. Stays in place very comfortably while working at a desk or relaxing after a workout. Service was phenomenal, the wrap showed up in the mail just two days after ordering it. Comes with a nice one page sheet with simple directions for use and care.

  5. A. White

    “I’ve been very happy with this shoulder wrap. I have had a few shoulder injuries and aggravations, caused by volleyball and weight training, and this has been very helpful in therapy for said conditions. It stays in place very well and does a great job of icing the area.

    It does go on much easier with help from a friend than solo, so be prepared.”

  6. C. D. Seil

    I have what is called Frozen Shoulder and I have to do daily stretches to get my range of motion back. After my stretching I will ice my shoulder for 15 to 20 minutes. This usually meant sitting on the couch with the ice did it’s job. When I received my Elasto Shoulder Wrap it gave me mobility to use my computer or even ice while riding in the car. It also keep the wrap on the whole area that I need to ice without using multiple packs or moving the larger ones around to cover all the areas needed. This has been a savior to me.

  7. titus

    “Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Shoulder Wrap

    If your shoulder is not that sore and/or you have someone to help you get this thing on, it would be good.

    The problem is the covering is not attached to the gel. So attempting to put this by myself was tortuous and painful…the gel falls down inside the covering and there was no way for me to get it back in position, no matter hard I tried.

    As far as the distributor goes, HPMS-The Therapy Connection, the service was very good. They responded to my email inquiry very quickly, but also said they could not take it back if it was used. Of course I attempted to use it! Why would I be rejecting? because of the…the color!”

  8. Alejandro J. Sananez

    functional and easy to wear. Takes too much space in the refrigerator for leaving it there all the time.

  9. G. Howell

    “It took me a few tries to learn the best way to secure the shoulder wrap, but once I did I found that it applied cold to the entire area quite well. It helped me identify that even though my shoulder was the problem, pain was also going down my arm, so I appreciated that the wrap goes down to my elbow.

    I only gave 4 stars because I wish the wrap was a little colder on my skin (the material containing the gel acts like a thermal insulator, so you don’t feel the full effect of the frozen gel).”

  10. F. Gallagher

    My girlfriend has had trouble with her shoulder for some time, and physical therapy has helped tremendously, when we’ve been able to get her there. Afterwards, the wrap feels wonderful, and helps alleviate the temporary pain. The one drawback is that it is very hard to put on onesself — if you have help, you’re fine. It holds the cold pretty well, and stays in position on the shoulder nicely, too.

  11. J. L.

    First the wrap was warm for about 5 minutes it takes 10 minutes to put the guts of the wrap back into the flimsy material that holds it. We tried to return ours and found the company unhelpful. The velcro parts tear at the flimsy material and ruin it, in the picture the item looks solid and strong, but it really has a jello like constitsancy. SAVE Your money and get a massage.

  12. L. Corlett

    Works better than any other hot/cold wraps I’ve used. Comfortable, stays in place and wraps around for full coverage of my shoulder. The gel stays cold. The design allows me to move about while icing. I highly recommend the Elasto-Gel entire product line.

  13. Ronald Gregoire

    This is a poorly fitting product and impossible to put on alone. It does not stay in position well. Attempts to return this product were a joke with the co. not returning e-mail. Their web site states no returns on hot/cold products. I should have checked before ordering.Buyer beware!!!

  14. RJP

    What I like about the Shoulder wrap is that it allows me to move around while I’m wearing it. It is, however, a bit awkward geting it on and it is quite heavy. It does do the job once you get it on.

  15. Customer

    We had a little trouble with the ordering of this product, but it sure has been worth it. My husband uses this all the time and it helps so much with the aching in his shoulder. We usually use it cold after a massage and it works really great. Would definitely recommend this.

  16. Silence Dogood

    “The wrap was returned for the following reasons:

    1. Instructions lacked detail- hard to follow;

    2. At 6 pounds it is quite heavy considering

    that your shoulder is sore;

    3. It was very difficult to attach by oneself –

    especially the back strap;

    4. When taken out of the microwave the gel

    settled to the bottom of the wrap – the

    gel should have been sewed into smaller

    packets throughout so that it would not

    migrate to the bottom;

    5. After struggling to put it on, you have

    lost 1/2 of the heat.

    If you order one of these, make sure you have

    someone help you put it on ! I didn’t like it.”

  17. GaylaS

    Its heavy but it feels great my son even used it on his knee. It feels extremely cold at first but does not freeze the skin like ice would..I would highly recommend this product.

  18. baillywick

    Once you figure how to put it on it works very well. I have an old torn rotator injury and it saves time with multiple ice packs and gives me mobility. Too bad they did not include instructions.

  19. fred

    Bought it for an uncle that had a shoulder injury and he used if for a week and it burned in the microwave. It started sparking and smoking, I am returning this piece of crap for a better product.

  20. JulesG

    I ordered this to use for a rotator cuff injury that I needed surgery to correct. The pro’ get’s cold and stays cold, easy to be mobile while on, the weight can offer good compression if you are in a condition where you can take that. The con’’s heavy..too heavy for my shoulder after surgery, fitting can be a bit tricky and the strap across the chest isn’t very comfortable especially for a woman with any bust, getting it on after surgery with limited mobility is hard. It’s not the best suited item for post surgical cold therapy otherwise it’s okay. It is a bit pricey IMO. Would I buy it again? No.

  21. zugor

    Confusing info. They offer a product number SW9001 Shoulder Wrap (no size specified) and SW9004 Sm/Med Sleeve and SW9005 Lg/LX Sleeve. Checking the manufacturers website they offer no additional info. What I got is the SW9001. Since it is much too large to lay out flat in any microwave oven to heat one must fold it this way and that in order to get it warm. That resulted in some hot spots while other areas remain relatively cool. I got this to help with my adhesive capsulitis and have very limited range of motion in my left shoulder. Trying to get this thing on and in place by myself was very difficult and by the time I fumbled around it had cooled considerably. The adjustable wide strap that goes across ones back and under the opposite arm tends to not stay snugged up and tight. I’m not sure it’s really worth the price.

  22. tracey

    My husband has shoulder issues and my son is a baseball pitcher so we thought this would be a great product for both. Unfortunately it doesn’t get as cold as some of the other wraps we have tried so it is not as effective as we had hoped… the design makes it difficult for one person to put it on themselves (especially with a sore shoulder!) … overall not as great of a product as we had expected

  23. Michelle

    My father used this exact same item at Physical Therapy and the hospital wanted $150.00 for it so I was glad to find it here for cheaper. Works as explained, great item.

  24. Melody Beth

    “I had rotator cuff surgery a month ago and have been struggling with the pain of it. My physical therapist has the shoulder wrap Elasto Gel and it helped.

    This product was here 3 days before I was told to expect it.

    I would highly recommend it because when you need ice, it works and you can move around with it on.”

  25. Andy

    IT fits nicely but it only stays warm for 15 – 20 minutes after microwaving it for 4 minutes or so. Not worth the money or time.

  26. RayRay

    Works great

  27. K Ward

    Too heavy for me… Hard to manipulate with just one hand… wish I’d seen a smaller size.

  28. Baldar

    Wife loves it

  29. Cyndi Miller


  30. Vick

    Awesome product!

  31. wowita

    Product and idea are great. However, the shoulder part of this gel Shoulder sleeve does not fit well around the shoulder area as it should. It does not stay on it slips off. However this is still a good product if you can keep it in place.

  32. Pam L

    This product is just what I’ve needed for rehab after shoulder surgery and continuing therapy after exercise and tennis. I’ve used several types of cold packs and this is the same one my physical therapist uses. Gets the cold to all the hard to reach areas. It was a good price and arrived as promised.

  33. mm

    Easier to use because it is more flexible and adheres to areas of need. Stays cold for about 15-20. Impressed.

  34. Sandra L.

    “I’ve only used this for cold, but it holds the cold for the correct time. i’m 5’3 and 155 lbs so it may run a little tight thru the arm.

    it stays in place and does it’s job!”

  35. melissa hix

    I purchased this product for my son who is a pitcher. It is convenient because you do not have to worry about ice melting and he wears it while he is doing other things around the house.

  36. Elaine

    My physical therapist has been using this on me at the end of each session 3 times/week for 3 months. I asked her how I could get one because I tried a few others but wasn’t happy. I ordered it with no hassle, it was delivered within a few days and my shoulder is loving it. Good coverage and doesn’t slide around

  37. lmn

    Product ordering/delivery was perfect. It fits well, and comes with a great instruction sheet plus a high quality plastic bag to help keep the product dry during freezing. Product, including straps, is very high quality.

  38. Russell Dykstra

    I do not care for the required words. Increases my long-standing Internet “CREEP FACTOR”. Maybe I will use enough words to make this unpleasant method of inquisition go away.

  39. Customer

    I broke my shoulder recently. I had been using Elasto-Gel products for other aches and pains, so I did not hesitate to buy the shoulder sleeve. It works beautifully–it’s especially helpful in hot weather. It is heavy, however, so I wear it when I’m resting.

  40. Mary L Legg

    Got this for healing from a rotator cuff injury. It feels great and is perfect for the injury. Downsides, even with the two straps it has a tendency to slip on me. It is heavy and I do have sloping shoulders. Also, I wish it stayed colder longer. But the fabric feels way more comfortable than a pack of ice!

  41. Kathizplace

    It’s nice. It does ease the pain. But it is heavy and hard for me to get on with my limited mobility. But I still like it and use it. I would recommend it.

  42. CK

    Best I’ve been able to find. heavy, bulky, difficult to get on . . . but it works, and works better than anything else I’ve been able to find except Dr. Charlie Martone!

  43. Customer

    Excellent product

  44. Jimmie J. Hatches

    don’t stay in place when it is put on your arm

  45. David B.

    Delivered on time. Excellent product.

  46. Shastaman

    My daughter recently had shoulder surgery and this was awesome for the icing needs associated with a recent surgery. If you’ve had a shoulder surgery you know this issue goes on for at least 2-3 months while you rehab. This item not only helps for the times after Physical Therapy but also those times its just sore.

  47. Cheryl R

    The best shoulder icing device. Ever. Rotator cuff soother.

  48. Patricia E. Moller

    It does what it’s suppose to. My son is a pitcher and at times needs this. I would definitely recommend this product.

  49. F. Ewton

    I’m very happy with this product. I’ve used it cold on both shoulders with success. I’ve never used it as heat. I wish it would stay cold longer, but I’m not sure how much longer I would need to apply cold. Biggest disappointment is the thin strap that connects back to front. It would be more comfortable if it was wider. That said, it keeps the sleeve in place.

  50. Shelly Latimer

    This is a wonderful product after a shoulder surgery!! Especially at night. You don’t have to worry about it falling off or chasing it all over the bed. The only two things I don’t like are, it’s a bit heavy and it doesn’t stay cold long enough for me. That’s just a personal preference. Otherwise, it’s GREAT! I even named it. Jelly Cat. Because it’s like wrangling a cat made of jello!!

  51. Ken

    Happy with this product. Works for about an hour. It is a bit awkward to put on but once you get it positioned properly, it does the job. It costs more than what is available in the drug store but after trying other brands, none do the job as well as this one.

  52. Todd C.

    Awesome! Conforms nicely and stay in place. Glad I bought it.

  53. Larry Cabling

    My 13 son is a pitcher and after a long game he can ice his arm and do homework at the same time.

  54. zobeida

    Love it love it love it

  55. Joyce Schiefer

    Seems to be working good. My husband uses it most every day. A lot more convenient. Covers his shoulder front and back. Thank you.

  56. Kitty Kat

    So soft! So Cold! So effective!

  57. A.M.

    Excellent item, using it for recovery from a shoulder surgery. Not a perfect fit, but better than any of the others I’ve tried and it does a good job covering the entire shoulder/bicep area.

  58. Elizabeth Dizney

    Best ice pack you can buy

  59. tee

    This item worked wonderful. Had shoulder surgery and this to relieve the pain and swelling

  60. Christi SAUTER

    Overall love it provides a good 20 minutes of solid cold , diminishes after the 20 min.

  61. kelly seelye

    This is a great wrap…can use it on other parts of the body too. Love it

  62. England

    “I’m 5’5″” weighing 160lbs – not a small woman, but I find this wrap to be too large. I can’t get it to fit well in the area I need it to be snug. The arm portion sits almost to my elbow. I use the previous reviewer’s advice about putting extra gel packs inside of it and that’s working to put the cold where I need it (snugs it up in a sense).

    Since first writing this I tried to contact this company to inquire about getting a smaller size (I noticed that the company that makes this product does make a smaller size), but this seller never replied to my inquiry. So, I went looking elsewhere on the web and found that a company called painrelieverdotcom does carry the small/medium size. It is working much better than this large one available here. I highly recommend it if you’re an average to small size woman – as I said, the “”large”” size is too big to fit snugly enough to apply the cold directly enough to be effective.

    I really like the concept, and using it is allowing me to move around and work on my computer while I do my post-exercising icing.

    Over-all, it’s better than conventional ice packs that require you to sit motionless for the duration of each icing session.”

  63. David G.

    This sleeve is the best product I’ve used for my injury, and I’ve been through a lot, looking for something that works right. It has excellent coverage of not only my shoulder joint, but the upper arm and a portion of my back and chest. It stays in place with two straps, so I can move around the house without fear of it falling off. Plus, I can extend the freeze time as needed by stuffing thin frozen gel packs beneath the sleeve, and swap them out as needed, though 60 minutes is about my limit.Plus, I’ve got to say that this company has an excellent customer service department that can resolve problems with ease and respect. It was a pleasure dealing with Cindy to resolve a problem I was having using the sleeve for heat therapy too.

  64. Rich of G HIlls

    “Product came promptly. Came out of the box brand new and sealed.

    Needed for a current injury, the PT clinic I attend uses Elastogels. My therapist recommended that I have ice packs for home use, so I ordered one. I already knew Im going to like the product since I have been using them in the clinic. Within a week of receiving my first one I ordered a second one.

    As far as product quality:

    Stays soft so it conforms to body part contour.

    Stays in place (Velcro fasteners).

    Does not cause any freezer burns.

    Looks nice, pro therapeutic accessory look to it (for lack of better terms).

    Level of cold product provides may not be something that a UFC fighter will be looking for after a 3 round bout, but works for regular nine-to-fiver joes and janes with occasional injuries, or aches and pains. I will update review for heat therapy.”

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