Elasto-Gel Neck / Back Combo


Elasto-Gel Neck / Back Combo

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  • Reduces acute pain
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces soreness, reoccurring pain or injuries
  • Two straps for a Fast clasp
  • Can be used hot or cold
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Manufactured with two straps which fasten with a clasp, the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Neck & Back can be worn while moving about. The hot/cold wrap extends from the base of the neck to the mid-back. To reduce acute pain like sprains, strains or bruises, the wrap can be utilized as a cold therapy product. By applying the cold wrap to the back, the wrap is able to reduce swelling and inflammation. The wrap is able to stay cold for 20-40 minutes after a 2 hour freezing period. To reduce soreness, reoccurring pain or injuries, use the Elasto-Gel Neck/Back Combo as a hot therapy product. The warmth melts away soreness, relaxes muscles and helps with stiffness by increasing circulation and blood-flow.

Directions for COLD THERAPY
• Place gel pack in freezer for 2 hours or more.
• Remove pack from freezer and place inside the cloth cover.
• Close compartment and apply compression wrap as shown and secure by attaching the elastic strap.
• Remains flexible after frozen.
Gel pack will maintain cold therapy for 30-60 minutes. It is best to keep an extra gel pack in the
freezer to replace the original that is in use when it is no longer cold. The pack may remain in
freezer until next use.

Directions for HOT THERAPY
• Heat in cloth cover.
• Fold the pack in half. Heat in microwave for 20 seconds on each side. Unfold the pack and refold in the
other direction. Heat in the microwave for an additional 20 seconds on each side. This will improve
uniform heating throughout the entire pack. For additional warmth, heat in 10 second increments.
• Remove pack from microwave and wait for one minute before applying to skin.
• Apply compression wrap as shown by attaching the elastic strap.
Gel pack will maintain hot therapy for 20-30 minutes. When pack is no longer hot, reheat in
microwave at 10 second increments until desired temperature is reached. The gel pack may be
stored at room temperature. Test after each 10 second increments.


Remove the outside cover and hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Hang up to dry. Wipe the white inner cover with a damp (not wet) cloth using mild soap or disinfectant. Allow the product to fully air dry before continuing to use.

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85 reviews for Elasto-Gel Neck / Back Combo

  1. Stacy

    This was a lifesaver after my shoulder surgery!

  2. mom vs toddlers

    I had high hopes for this because it covers most of my back but it just doesn’t get very cold. It does get cool but only for about 20 minutes. I tried to leave it in the freezer over night and i even placed it in the deep freezer but it still isn’t cold enough for me.

  3. Heidi Hanssen

    comfortable, cold, great for my shoulder rotator cuff tendonitis

  4. Mary Kimberlin

    Could be fine for some injuries, but was too heavy for my recently broken arm and I only tried it once.

  5. M. Viney

    My back and neck hurt in areas that are difficult to treat. Ice packs tend to slip off the area, and become ineffective. These ice packs are perfect. Fit the area, stay in place, and are a soft, smooth texture that doesn’t irritate the skin. A perfect solution for high back/nect pain.

  6. Zara

    I was the worst at icing injuries when people told me to until I got this product. It’s wonderful. I should have bought it years ago.

  7. Cyn

    great product. great service.

  8. love to read

    I am sitting with this on as I am writing this review —for herniated thoracic and cervical disc treatment when ice is recommended post injections. this is an excellent product the only thing I can say about it that is negative is the weight of the product when you lifting it—once it is on your back it is not heavy . so if you are having upper back or neck problems and you do not want to lift anything very heavy —it may be a problem so have somebody help you —but this is excellent I love it. Made very well and priced very well ; I highly recommend this —it sure beats solid ice packs!

  9. Kelli H

    My favorite ice pack!

  10. sheilam

    This is a great investment on the elasto gel heat/cold therapy! I love that I can wear it without it falling out of place I need it!

  11. Sherrryl cranford-coffey

    I battle scoliosis and when my back flares up this is the greatest. Just throw it in the freezer and when you need it you can wear it around and still do stuff.

  12. Leonor Brain

    “It is very good product and very confortable, as well as easy to use.

    I use the Shoulder Therapy and the Neck Therapy from Elasto-Gel and I’m very happy with it. I highly recommend it.”

  13. RetiredRoadWarrior

    This unit is heavier than expected, however it works as advertised. Takes about 2.5 minutes in my microwave to get it warm enough. I am sure that would vary by specific microwave and users desired level of warmth.

  14. Customer

    I am a woman Ithaca MS and I get very uncomfortable when I overheat. This is an amazing simple solution for a lot less money than “cooling vests” advertised to do the same. Really only for at home use though. I have two and switch them out – keeps me cool on summer days.

  15. B. Gill

    I have far too many spine issues and medical problems to go into, but let me say this…This wrap is SUPERB! I am very sensitive to lumps and bumps under me, and this just doesn’t make lumps and bumps. I might get another one to have one on at all times. I have severe arthritis in my spine and what a wonderful feeling to be able to WEAR this around the house, and to be able to lay right on it without having it be stiff or uncomfortable. This item is a God send for fibromyalgia, or ANY ”algia”!!! I’ve wrapped it around my knees at times, my feet, my shoulders, my elbows…wherever I need it the most! I also own the single neck wrap, and they have saved my life at times! I simply lay on them more than I wear them…they are a little heavy, but that way they stay put!!! I have never used them warmed up, so I cannot speak to that…but for what I got them for, THEY ROCK MY WORLD!!!! You will not find a better product to ease your swollen spine, knees, neck or any other body part…works GREAT on a migraine too, just wrap your head in it!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH….love love love!!!

  16. Lauren Boyd

    Great product.


    I only use it cold on my back haven’t tried to heat it in the microwave yet but it’s awesome the only complaint is the straps going over the shoulders are Velcro and they keep coming loose they should’ve made it clip like around the waist.

  18. Kazeekimi

    I would give it 5 stars if it stayed cold just a little bit longer. I have not yet tried it for heat. But for where my pain is this things is perfect! It feels like it hugs you with ice. It stays very cold for about 20 minutes if you freeze for 2 hours. But at minute 21 it almost immediately feels warm. But a wonderful 20 minutes!! And actually 20 minutes is the recommended time to have it on. So now that I think about it I can’t penalize it a star for doing what it is supposed to do. 5 stars it is!

  19. Carrie Best

    I love this, I just wish it would stay colder longer

  20. Customer

    “Despite reading the reviews I decided to buy this since I couldn’t find any other one that would target my upper middle back. It takes hours to get cold enough and then it literally only stays cold 10 minutes. The Velcro straps aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of it either and they keep popping off.

    I duct taped ice packs to the inside of it and tied the straps in knots. It worked great then, but not worth the $60+. Will return.”

  21. JC

    This came defected. It missed one of the Velcro fasteners, but I did not bother to return the product. I thought I could live with it. However, the quality of the gel seems to degraded compared to my Elasto-Gell Lumbar Wrap piece which bought a few years ago. I don’t like the new fabric either. I don’t use them for cold so I don’t know how they work in freezer. I use heat by microwave. My old Lumbar Wrap is easier to heat up compared this new one. Overall this piece is just ok, better than nothing.

  22. John NIece

    Quickly delivered. Works as intended. Takes a few times to get the heat right using your microwave.

  23. Ckay

    Awesome! I work from home and this is the best treat after a couple hours at the computer! It just chills the aches and pains away from my shoulder blades!!! Why did I wait so long to order it??? Btw, I dont agree that it is for your neck though, it doesnt reach that high…

  24. LW Raboys

    This item isn’t perfect but it really is very useful. It delivers warm & comfortable heat while you are moving around. I find it particularly helpful when I’m preparing dinner & my back is fatigued at the end of the day. The only caveat is that it is somewhat heavier than I expected (I’m only 5 ft & 100 lbs) and I had to shorten the front strap to make it fit snugly enough. Also, altho it says “neck” in the description, as it shows in the picture, it really doesn’t cover any of the neck, but it does do a nice job on those pesky scalenes on either side of the neck. It’s not the kind of item you necessarily use every day, but when you need it, it’s wonderful to have. Were it just a little lighter weight, and if the gel went up the sides of the neck a couple more inches, it definitely would be 5 stars.

  25. charles r knott

    This works great on your mid back, I personally do not feel that it works on neck or shoulders. Disappointed, all the other Elasto gel products I’ve purchased work great.

  26. Joel Reikes

    “Best investment! I’m a big guy and this covers my whole mid to upper back and shoulders. Stays cold for 20-30min.

    Make sure you save bag for refreezing!”

  27. John MacGovern

    These don’t stay cold for that long, but its a very intense 15-20 minute cooling which really helps your back pain. I haven’t tried to heat it up yet, but based on the material and quality it should work just as well as cooling.

  28. Andrew W.

    This is a great product for anyone with back pain. I have 2 ruptured discs, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis and my doctors and physical therapists were always going on about using ice for the most part and heat sometimes. This does both very well. Stays cold for about 30 minutes, warm for 45 but it blankets the entire area, I mean look at the pic, it covers just about everywhere but the lower back…and the company has one for there too, lol. If you use ice or heat this is frigging amazing. I have 6 of the cervical collar ones and 2 of the back ones. Let’s you move around a bit more than normal ice packs because it’s wearable, so you can ice around the house if you can manage that mobility. I’ve been giving the brochure they send with the product to everyone I know who has back pain, and my physical therapist is considering buying a couple to use at the therapy center, she loves them too!

  29. Aundre J.

    awesome products, but they dont hold heat or cool long enough. i would say about 5 mins worth each setting, and thats straight out of the freezer.

  30. Monique P.

    Great product except that is is a little large. I have to pull it up a lot.

  31. Mahmood Ibrahim

    tight fitting, hefty and cold! This is a good product.

  32. Patricia Ammerman

    It worked well if I sat to keep it in position, but it seems to be lacking another strap to hold it up on the shoulder.

  33. dewayne massie

    Sleeve fits well, heats and cools as advertised. I’m thinking that if you want to conduct a protocol of treatment that involves heating, then immediate cooling, you need to sleeves as the cool down period in the freezer takes an hour or so. Regardless, the sleeve seems to be well-made and works as I thought it would.

  34. S. Taylor

    Great, long-lasting cooling and soft material. Used after shoulder surgery. Only draw back is it does tend to slip down some.

  35. Customer

    Worked just as advertised and easy to get on and off. Really helped me after I had shoulder surgery. We have a deep freezer and it got cold fast!

  36. John J Healey

    Great product and hold the cold a long time.

  37. F. alrayes

    I loved this shoulder pack.. very easy to use and the fit is excellent. it retains the temperature for long time

  38. mik

    Ordered a small and it was still a bit too bulky to use well. 5′ 6″

  39. Laura Manno

    Easily conforms to your body and is a great product.

  40. tibby

    its heavy but it works! and so much easier to do a quick icing than trying to set up the DonJoy Coolng system!

  41. Jennifer

    I like the way it fits me perfectly and that it truly covers the affected area. However, I wish the cold temperature stays longer which is why I’m giving a 4 stars

  42. martin johnson

    Fits perfectly on my 15 year old Baseball player. He likes the fact that it is not stiff out of the freezer.

  43. Bee from Beaufort

    Easy to use, comfortable and does the job!

  44. kakalina

    Too heavy for a small person.

  45. indymojo

    very nice. would have been nice it items was just a bit larger to cover more of the back. other than that a very nice ice gel pac.

  46. NY Shopper

    “This is huge. It’s supposed to be small/medium. I’m female and it’s way too big. So my husband tried it on and it was a little big on him, too. It would be fine for a large man. I can’t imagine how big the “”large”” is.

    It’s a shame because I liked the way the Elasto Gel fabric felt and I like the way it conforms to your body (if it’s the right size). Good idea, poor execution.

    Also, what’s up with the black velcro strap on the arm? The width of the arm part is fine without it but who cares? This is for your SHOULDER. And they don’t have any straps to tighten the shoulder area up by the neck. Poorly designed and no instructions showing how to put it on.”

  47. Kishorilal

    Good quality and fits well.

  48. todd b.

    i have separated my shoulder at least 7 times. this stays in place and allows me to ice while im doing what i need to get done.

  49. June Francis

    I got this for my boyfriend’s shoulder cuff injury. He uses it every night, and reports less pain and inflammation.

  50. KR

    It was too big on me. Kept slipping off. It was still helpful when I tied it down. Perhaps putting a strap to go across the top in a diagonal would help with this problem. Elasto-Gel Shoulder Sleeve S/M 17″ x 22″ SW9004

  51. Joel R. Bryant

    A great product for my 12 year old son. Stays cold for 20+ minutes and the S/M size fits great

  52. June C

    Bought a small that is still too large for me to wear….it keeps slipping down if I try and move around at all. But if I hold still, it is terrific!

  53. JDK

    Fits great! Cools my aching shoulder, with its reverse total replacement!

  54. horsewoman

    Now after I do my at home stretching exercises I can relax with my very own Elasto-Gel Shoulder sleeve. The price was much less than what I expected to pay & shipping as usual was fast.

  55. Martin Krupp


  56. Zsunnat

    its not as long as i would like for a back ice pack. The straps make it kind of hard to stay on. You have to be in good shape to have this work on you. A friend of mine tried it and they are not fit and trim and they couldn’t strap it on. Definitely only stays cold 20 min as stated in the description. It does what it says it is going to do. Just wish it was longer and the straps more adjustable.

  57. Bee

    As an avid tennis player who had shoulder surgery 9 years ago (labrum tears, AC joint issues, cleaned up rotator cuff) I need to still ice after playing or working out at the gym. The patchwork of small ice pads just wasn’t (literally) covering the issue. I had used a sleeve prior to the surgery, lent to me by a friend who’s a nurse, but never thought to buy one for myself. I read the reviews in which concern was expressed to the sleeve slipping and the difficulty in strapping it. At 5’5″ and 135 with an athletic build, the S/M fits perfectly with no slippage…and that includes not securing the arm strap. As for the strap across the chest, I did not have any issues buckling it.

  58. Richard E. Jones

    Very bulky and heavy, not easy to use.

  59. Janet McLain

    Love this wonder why I didn’t order sooner.

  60. KJ

    Bought this because my PT office uses this brand. It works well. I have a torn rotator cuff and am retraining shoulder and upper back muscles. No other combination of cold packs would work as I couldn’t get the shoulder properly wrapped. My only recommendation is that this be used for personal, home use. The one at my PT’s office has an awful smell… something between freezer-burn and plastic. Overtime, the fabric or gel must eventually break down. I’ve had mine for a few months and haven’t had this happen yet but my PT’s office has had theirs for one year. So, purchase early in your recovery.

  61. ViperDriver

    Bought this for my husband to use after his shoulder surgery and it was perfect. The shape is perfect and has really helped him a lot.

  62. Gary G.

    It was alittle small

  63. R Fisch

    I love how it fits and covers both my shoulder and upper arm! If there is a draw back, it is that it doesn’t hold the cold for as long as I would like.

  64. Judy C. Klein

    My husband likes this. It gives you a lot of coverage.

  65. Kindle Customer

    My son has cervical disc problem & this helps.

  66. Customer

    The company is fine all around, but I am truly dissatisfied with the product. Beware: you are not allowed to return this product once opened, and there are a few things I don’t like about it. Number one, order a SMALL if you are not a large person. It is too big and slides all around on me, and the ties only cinch so much. Number 2, this brand of cold pack does NOT get cold enough to truly ice injured areas. I’ve always admired the designs this product line offers but I am truly disappointed in this product line.

  67. Petra

    Shipped fast. Highly recommend. Will order more. Value for money. Comfortable to wear. Works to ease pain

  68. Alex DiGuilio

    It is what you’d hope it would be.

  69. DiAnn Sager


  70. Eric Zahniser

    Elasto-Gel products are fantastic. I have not been disappointed. This pack is a great value for the price.

  71. Susan Modrak

    Shoulder sleeve was much too heavy and very cumbersome to put on. Not a very easy situation for someone with a shoulder injury.

  72. Sturmanator

    Very cold

  73. J.Matthew

    terrible. barely gets cold after two days in freezer.

  74. Hiral Patel

    A bit too heavy and the strap is made for bigger bodies. I am 105 lbs and 5’2″ and it doesn’t fit my torso when I buckle it up.

  75. sherry

    “I have degeneration with arthritis in c5 and c6 when inflamed goes across my shoulders and Down my spine. Elasto gel

    Stays cold and I can still be up and about.”


    Great for shoulder pain relief.

  77. Customer

    “This is the second Elsato-Gel product I’ve bought and used, and this one holds the heat. I like the thickness of the gel, and I like the ‘idea’ of the shoulder straps.

    The straps can use a redesign…IMO”

  78. Nick

    Velcro is not super strong and does not hold the cold for long. I mean it gets the job done…but not impressed.

  79. Steven

    I suffer from 4 disks out in my back and was looking for a large back ice pack. The buckletter strap are very nice to have as you run around the house. It is a gel pad ice pack that is about a half inch thick. The biggest downside I have is that it really only stays cold for roughly 20-30 min before needing to be frozen and for an hour or two. Secondly the over the shoulder straps just velcro to the stomach band and like to slip off. Yet for what I’ve found and price it’s a decent icepack to have laying around.

  80. Customer

    My daughter just had shoulder surgery and the Elasto-Gel Shoulder Sleeve was recommended to us to help with the after surgery pain. She loves it and says that it works the best out of everything we’ve tried to date. The only downside to the sleeve is that it takes a while to get cold and only stays cold for abt 20 minutes. If it was possible, she would use it all day and night! It helps that much. Great product! Rating this 4 stars only because of the time it takes to get cold and the amount of time it stays cold when you use it.

  81. Pommom

    Do not get this product if you are a small woman. Too bad it does not come in smaller sizes. The adjustments were not enough for this to work properly. I am still on a search for an upper back and neck ice pack for small people!

  82. Joey

    as advertised, but you should get a medicine ball and do core exercises, they will work much better in the long run and you wont need this

  83. onlineshoppinggeek

    “Expensive, bulky, heavy, awkward to put on by yourself (especially assuming you have some injury, weakness, or reduced range of motion.)

    Cheap Velcro-type fasteners keep coming detached on their own. The plastic attachment clip is super-cold against the skin after being in the freezer, and could possibly cause skin damage.

    After 24 hours in the freezer, the product lost coldness very quickly at room temperature. After 15 minutes, the level of cooling effect was not worth wearing this uncomfortable device.

    This did not treat the top of my shoulder area, although I assumed it would per the marketing images in the listing.

    It had the most surface contact on my body around the middle back, opposite the front where the harness attaches below the chest.

    Even as a man, the black elastic bands on the front were scratchy and irritating on my nipples. I can’t imagine a women trying to wear this.

    In the future I will use products from other companies. For a cheap approach, a wet towel frozen in the freezer will provide more cold treatment than this 60 dollar item, which apparently did not undergo any rounds of “”user testing & improvements”” before mass production.”

  84. Some random IT guy

    Someone close to me had rotator cuff surgery and this worked reallly really well for them both before and afterward.

  85. Trent

    Great product in theory, but it doesn’t stay cold very long. I like to ice for 20 minutes, but this cold pack is unable to stay sufficiently cold for that length of time… Everything else is great, but if it csn’t stay cold, than what’s the point?

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  1. 18 inches wide across by 17 long. It has an adjustable belt. The neck part could be a bit bigger but it's great for the back. I love mine & use it when I get migraines too by putting it on my head!
    Anonymous answered on 2014-02-09 20:14:36
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