Elastogel Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap for Foot and Ankle


Elastogel Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap for Foot and Ankle

(176 customer reviews)


  • Reduces acute pain, strains, and bruises
  • Reduces soreness, stiffness, and relaxes muscles
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Convenient for everyday use
  • Stays cold for 20-40 min

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Covering the ankle and entire foot, the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Foot & Ankle Wrap extends from above the ankle to the toes in an “L” shape. Convenient enough for everyday use as well as sturdy enough for occupational, physical or sports therapy. The wrap can be arranged in a number of positions. To reduce acute pain like sprains, strains or bruises, the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Foot & Ankle Wrap can be utilized as a cold therapy product. By applying the cold wrap to the foot/ankle, the wrap is able to reduce swelling and inflammation. The wrap is able to stay cold for 20-40 minutes after a 2 hour freezing period. To reduce soreness, reoccurring pain or injuries, use the Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Foot & Ankle Wrap as a hot therapy product. The warmth melts away soreness, relaxes muscles and helps with stiffness by increasing circulation and blood-flow.

Directions for COLD THERAPY
• Place gel pack in freezer for 2 hours or more.
• Remove pack from freezer and place inside the cloth cover.
• Close compartment and apply compression wrap as shown and secure by attaching the elastic strap.
• Remains flexible after frozen.
Gel pack will maintain cold therapy for 30-60 minutes. It is best to keep an extra gel pack in the
freezer to replace the original that is in use when it is no longer cold. The pack may remain in
freezer until next use.

Directions for HOT THERAPY
• Heat in cloth cover.
• Fold the pack in half. Heat in microwave for 20 seconds on each side. Unfold the pack and refold in the
other direction. Heat in the microwave for an additional 20 seconds on each side. This will improve
uniform heating throughout the entire pack. For additional warmth, heat in 10 second increments.
• Remove pack from microwave and wait for one minute before applying to skin.
• Apply compression wrap as shown by attaching the elastic strap.
Gel pack will maintain hot therapy for 20-30 minutes. When pack is no longer hot, reheat in
microwave at 10 second increments until desired temperature is reached. The gel pack may be
stored at room temperature. Test after each 10 second increments.


Remove the outside cover and hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Hang up to dry. Wipe the white inner cover with a damp (not wet) cloth using mild soap or disinfectant. Allow the product to fully air dry before continuing to use.

Additional information

Weight1.04 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm


176 reviews for Elastogel Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap for Foot and Ankle

  1. Jennifer

    gets really cold

  2. Gail Frawley

    This is what this product is really like. The description from the manufacturer is not exactly accurate. This entire item is a large, dense, thick, and heavy gel material with a velcro strap. This is not a cloth material with a re-freezable packed inside a slot. The entire blue section that wraps around the foot will either get warm in a microwave or cold in a freezer. I have not used it as a warming device, only cooling. I have an issue with a sore achilles tendon and I need something that will put cold on that area and keep it in place. This item not only cools the back of the foot but also cools the top , sides, and the bottom. It cools the entire foot at the same time. If you want to only cool or warm one section of the foot THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Fortunately this does keep the rear of my foot cool which was my original reason for purchasing this item. I did not expect it to cool the entire foot. The item does get very cold and you need to wear a sock while using it or it would be too cold. The coldness lasts for me approximately 30 minutes at least and the softness of the gel is very comfortable on my achilles tendon. Once it is cold in the freezer it will get cold again in just a few hours. I am concerned it will not hold up long term but I hope to be surprised.

  3. Johanna Cobb

    My husband broke his ankle a few years back and some days he has trouble walking when he gets home. The ankle wrap helps a lot.It’s very cold so you might leave a sock on.

  4. W. L. Bierman

    It is a little difficult to get the strap adjusted just right, but once you get it on, you are impressed on how your whole foot + ankle feel and you do not have to worry about losing the ice pack because it is securely fitted to your foot. It seems to stay colder longer than what is stated.

  5. Paul

    Fits perfect, and it doubles to work great on a bent knee. I just wish it stayed cold longer.

  6. Pittsburgh Bill

    Followed the directions and this did not stay cold for more than 7 to 8 minutes.

  7. RKL

    Makes icing an ankle injury so much easier. Super for post foot-surgery. Comfy and no more balancing multiple ice packs to get wrap-around coverage.

  8. Brian Hill

    Love it, solid ice pack/brace –

  9. OnPhyre

    This product has really helped with the tendonitis in my feet. It could be better though if it covered the top of the foot. I wear a thick sock when I use it too – or it gets too cold.

  10. DEBT

    This wrap is good, but a bit heavy

  11. Hector Rivera

    Loved it!!! Plane and simple!! Recommend it to those who had a ankle injury or surgery! It’s worth every dollar????????

  12. @Lark

    “I am so happy that I finally found this Elasto Gel wrap! Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap,foot and Ankle Wrap With a torn achilles tendon post-surgery, I needed something comfortable and effective. After going through many different kinds, and having settled on an old fashioned round bag with a screw on cap, I was tired of making ice and dealing with a wet bag. This wrap is easy, convenient, comfortable, and effective. It is very flexible as well and is a great portable option. I have detailed my size and fit below, as well as provided PHOTOS OF THE WRAP ON, TO DEMONSTRATE FIT AND SIZE.

    *?? I WEAR A WOMEN’S SIZE 7.5 SHOE – YOU CAN SEE FROM MY PHOTOS BELOW THAT IT COVERS MY ENTIRE FOOT AND EXTENDS TO MID CALF I have shown in my photos one way that I wrap the strap, but there are endless other possibilities for this 27 inch long strap.


    This is what really makes this wrap for me. I swear I wind it to wrap differently each time I use it, but that is the beauty of it, anything goes. I love the coolers with wraps, that you come home with from the hospital post-surgery, but those have a right and wrong way, and those also require filling ice. And sometime you just want something simple. This is one I can freeze and take with me places, whereas the cooler setup requires electricity. This suits its purpose well.

    ?? STAYS COLD – I wear it my 20 minutes and put it back in the freezer and it quickly returns to the appropriate colonies to re-use within 30 minutes

    ?? CAN BE HEATED IN MICROWAVE OR OVEN – I have never used it for heat myself, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness there. Instructions do say it can be heated using a conventional oven on a specified lower temperature. I purchased one for my mom, and she does use it hot and says it works just as well hot as it does cold.




    ?? Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. I purchased one for my mother for Christmas and she loves hers too. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer.”

  13. JR

    “Too heavy and too big two bulky wouldn’t bend.

    The cold pack part wouldn’t go on the foot it rose up because it was too stiff on material for it to lay down on the ankle.

    We had to return it. Sorry wished it would have worked.

    Neoprene material would have worked better than you canvas material or the ice packs to lay on the skin. ???

    Just saying.

    Not sure I could have done much better if I did try to invent it but I would have used neoprene.

    Thank you.”

  14. Bethel Mom

    This product is great, it’s so nice and cool around my swollen ankle, and it works great on the ball of my foot to at the same time. I love this ankle ice pack.

  15. Customer

    Perfect! Recent injury and have been looking for something to wrap my whole foot and ankle.

  16. Customer


  17. AJW

    Love it. In therapy for getting back into 10k’s. Light runs every other day and then ice foot for 20 minutes. This product works great. I have Peroneal tendinitis. It secures to foot well and applies an even cold. Stays cold for full 20 minutes.

  18. Faith

    Cools down my foot easily. Reduces pain and swelling. Best ice pack for the ankle I have ever used.

  19. Brooke Webster

    Love it! Super cold, flexible and doesn’t get you wet when using. Best ice pack for ankles and have been using on a sore hip. Would definitely buy again!

  20. Parsonsdeb

    I have an array of ice packs, gel packs, etc. this actually stays cold longer and stays on the foot. Only one day post surgery, but this really seems to be keeping the swelling and pain down

  21. Jack and Gail

    “I purchased this for my recovery from a shattered ankle and extensive surgery. This worked beautifully when I needed to ice my ankle (2 to 3 times a day for 6 plus weeks) because of swelling. It is well made, very cushiony, and gets cold quickly and stays cold a long time. It encases the entire ankle area for maximum coverage. The velcro is great as you adjust it to your ankle size and it stays securely in place.

    Worth every penny. Couldn’t have recovered as effectively without it.”

  22. Shirley Brassell

    Use it a lot for my bad ankle

  23. Customer

    Outstanding product. I had my ankle fused a couple of months back and am now out of the cast. I still have a lot of pain in the foot and ankle and am no longer on pain meds so icing gives the best pain relief. I ice my ankle several times a day. The Elasto Gel wrap can be adjusted to cover more of the foot or go higher up the leg. The elastic velcro band allows you the flexibility to put pressure on the areas that are most painful and holds the wrap in place so you don’t have to sit in one position for 30 minutes. I have also used it on my knee with equal results. I would highly recommend this product! It is way better than a typical ice pack or gel pack.

  24. scott

    Perfect for the weekend athlete. The shoulder Elasto model is very effective for a pitcher after game arm recovery.

  25. Donna Fischer

    Chilly but effective

  26. fel19038

    great product!!!

  27. Scrambo

    I ha e a fractured ankle, shattered heel and broken metatarsal. Surgery resulted in 6screws and a plate in my heel and ankle. This ice pack is perfect. It covers the ankle, heel, top of foot and sides. No toes. Ice cold and keeps cold. Soft as well. A must buy.

  28. MARIA G. Alvarez

    This ankle cold pack is amazing. I have purchased 4. It is very easy to wrap around the foot due to the long velcro. It gives me the relief that my tired hurting feet need. It is perfect because it lasts about 30 minutes which is the recommended time. A regular icepack does not do the trick. This foot wrap wraps exactly where you need it. I wear mine with long socks. Without socks it is too cold. With long socks it is very comfortable. I twisted my ankle, and after two years the bottom of my foot, and ankle still hurt if I do not wear tennis shoes. If I had this right after my injury, I would have recovered better and faster. My friend had an ankle injury too, and I could not give her mine because I love them, so I bought her two of her own. It is very convenient when you can finally lie down on the couch and rest. I put mine on when I get ready to watch a show that will last 30 minutes. When I wear mine, the next day I am no longer limping. I highly recommend it to anyone with ankle or foot injuries.

  29. Sean Anthony Woods

    “In my dire time of need, this product cooled my most severe swelling and pain. The problem? It stays cold for maybe 3 minutes. Then it takes another hour to fully freeze again.

    Full foot wrap for sure, just don’t expect it to stay cold long.”

  30. Sharp

    Worked great!

  31. Liz

    Hubby had ankle surgery and this wrap has been wonderful. It really keeps his ankle cool or warm. LOVE it!

  32. Jessica R

    This thing is a godsend. I workout a lot and sometimes I get sore or have an injuy. This little beauty has gotten me back on track with great recovery time and less injuries. Love that it can wrap the entire foot (8.5 women’s)

  33. Christopher Collins

    worked excellent

  34. DVD Addict

    cleverly made. recommend

  35. Columbus Mom

    This was so handy as I did PT after my ankle surgery. Highly recommend!

  36. VG10

    Ive only used it for cold therapy, but i can not imagine a better product for the cost. Im very happy w/ this wrap.

  37. Tj F.

    Works great!! Love this product

  38. Leigh Steward

    just what I needed. !!

  39. ViperDriver

    “I used this after my achilles tendon surgery because my doctor recommended it. It was perfect!! Perfectly shaped for what I needed it for, both my foot, heel, ankle and achilles were very swollen for about 3-4 months post-op and while in physical therapy for rehab. Every time I sat down, I elevated my foot, popped this out of the freezer and the Elasto Gel wrap brought the swelling and pain down a lot.

    I’m going to have my other achilles done as well, and will definitely be using this wrap again!

    My husband had shoulder surgery and we bought the Elasto Gel shoulder wrap, because we had such success with this one, and it, too was amazing for him.”

  40. Kelly Hallock

    I had surgery on my posterior tibial tendon and been having trouble icing it. The tendon runs from behind the ankle, down the inside and into the arch of the foot. If I ice the ankle, I miss the foot. If I ice the foot, I miss the ankle – and either way, the ice is awkward and difficult to get to really make good contact. With this, the ENTIRE wrap IS the ice pack and covers the entire foot and ankle area that I need to ice. I wish I had gotten this a couple of months ago before my surgeon grumbled at me SO many times about not icing enough! SO glad I found this finally!

  41. Jenny R

    This tested positive at TSA security at the Minneapolis airport for an illicit substance! It was seized by TSA!

  42. Jack Reed

    Works even better than expected.

  43. Snake Pliskin

    Didnt ever really get cold enough even though I kept it in the freezer all week hahaha

  44. MBB Slainte !

    Love, love, love these wraps ! I have severe plantar faciatis which affects entire foot including ankles. Have always tried to use flat ice pac taped around ankle in past, always moved around & slip off feet. These are perfect ! My Husband uses on his bad knee, I’ve also use on head when I get horrible Migrains. Well worth price, Highly recommend.

  45. Customer

    “Great for my reoccurring ankle injury. Easy to use and perfect size for my size 8-8.5 foot.

    Durability good after a month of using constantly.

    I recomend and would also try the other ones from this brand”

  46. Kyle B Gilstrap

    Twisted my ankle by stepping half on/off a sidewalk and this cast saved me physically and financially. It is comfortable and provides stability; win win! 🙂

  47. CritiCal

    I’ve been using this for plantar fasciitis, and it’s working great — much more convenient than a flat ice pack. It puts the cold right where it’s needed. It will be good the next my achilles heel acts up, too. I love that it stays dry, so there’s no condensation dripping on the wood floor or the furniture.

  48. Moxie_Maven

    “Purchased this product for comfortable complete icing as Im gettting into my walking cast following reconstructive Achilles tendon surgery. Unfortunately its not cold enough to provide the relief I get from ice packs, and since the fabric ya so slippery, to make it stay in place with the Velcro strap needs to be tight, which is hovers between discomfort and pain.

    When I went to return it (thinking I could since its a Prime purchase) I just found out its NOT eligible for return and I just wasted the 32.00 and change. NOT recommended.”

  49. Customer

    I broke my tibia and fibia 6 months ago and still need to ice it a lot at the end of a long day. This wrap is so easy and not so cold that it is unbearable to put directly on the skin. Prior to this I was using ice packs and wrapping them on my ankle with an ace bandage. This is so much easier! Highly recommend

  50. Judy

    Perfect for icing after foot surgery

  51. Antonio Aponte

    It is good you will need someone to place this on you. It is not a brace it is gel and a strap to hold it.

  52. Robert Randalll


  53. luis cetina

    love this it help me though my therapy

  54. Mare

    This was so amazing for my plantar fasciitis! The gel stays cold for a long time and the size was perfect to cover my foot.

  55. Karen T.

    Even in summer, I don’t like the idea of icing my foot, but the Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap makes it a lot more comfortable and definitely helps get rid of the swelling. I bought 2 of them. Nice to have on hand for emergencies.

  56. A Zero-Seven

    Works well. However, the stitching has come undone, so Im not sure what this will look like with further use. Kinda pricey for that simple of an issue to fix. Id prefer a replacement, but I bought it in Decemberso most likely not going to happen.

  57. Brian R. Jewell

    Works ok. But, doesn’t keep cool for very long after removal from freezer. About 1/2 hour tops.

  58. Matthew

    Best investment ever

  59. DJ

    A product that works very well! Bought two, one for each foot

  60. Customer

    Helps with achy feet

  61. Tracey

    Excellent cold wrap for the foot. Had nerve damage from spine surgery which made my foot hurt. This wrap helped a ton. Stick in freezer, a few hours later it’s cold enough to use. Does not get hard so it wraps and moves easy, soft enough that it did not bother having it on. It is a little heavy but that’s not a complaint because it works so well. Cold lasts a long while. Highly recommend!

  62. Customer

    Very helpful after foot surgery!

  63. Donna G. VanderVeen

    This really cooled my feet down so I could sleep, Finally a product that will wrap around your foot and is still soft and easy to move

  64. M. Hill

    Great wrap for the ankle, easy to put on. Have only used it as cold wrap to ice my ankle after therapeutic exercises. Recommend keeping it in the freezer, provides good 10 minutes of cold to relieve inflammation.

  65. Donna

    Wish it went under foot but otherwise a very good product

  66. Bellamelissa

    Like it’s flexibility

  67. Fatheadluv


  68. Customer


  69. Sash2

    I bought this for my sister who is recovering from a broken heel and has a weak ankle. She loves it…. says it helps the pain and also the swelling around her ankle.

  70. Hannah

    Best ankle ice wrap I’ve had yet. Stays very cold for at least an hour. Fits well, is comfortable and stays put. Kind of pricey but worth it.

  71. R. B.

    As described, used as a cold wrap and it served my purpose. Expect 20-30 mins of use before requiring return to freezer.

  72. Jamie

    Wow this thing gets extremely cold and stays cold a while! It’s so soft and comfortable. I’m a runner that has had trouble with my posterior tibial tendon and this is going to be a life saver! I cringed at the cost but it’s definitely worth the cost even for a thrifty person like me.

  73. Customer

    Wonderful and easy to use. Very adaptable, stays nice and cold. High quality product.

  74. AlBSure

    I’m recovering from surgery to repair an Achilles tendon rupture and I use this at the end of the day when my foot and ankle swell up. The wrap is okay for this use but nothing special. It doesn’t stay cold very long – 10 minutes, maybe 15 at the most – and the seam in the back creates a gap that’s perfect for *not* covering the Achilles unless you take extra care as you’re wrapping up. Even then, it slides out of position and leaves me reverting back to ice packs and other cold packs for better relief. All in all, I wish I’d saved my money (this seems overpriced for what it is) and stuck with my cheap ice packs.

  75. Customer

    doesn’t stay cold for long, 15 minutes max

  76. Lisa M.

    Highly recommend

  77. michael hart

    works perfect

  78. M. Herrera

    I have posterior tibial tendonitis and this feels AMAZING on my foot. The strap is long enough that I can wrap it around the part it hurts the most to get as close contact as possible. The material is soft and very flexible. I popped it in the freezer for 2 hours before using and it is plenty cold.

  79. bernytech

    “Pros: This ankle wrap is good in that it wraps your whole ankle together.

    Cons: After putting it in the fridge for a few hours, the cold lasted for about 30 minutes.

    I decided not to keep this item.”

  80. matt modz

    Works great. Lasts about 20 mins with good cold. May end up buying a second one to use one/freeze one

  81. Customer

    Fits the foot. Love it. Recovering from Achilles surgery.

  82. Lana

    I have ordered 2 of these. They fit well and stay cold for a long time. I’ve even used them as ice packs.

  83. Customer

    I received it quickly. Well made. Easy to use. Exceeded my expectations.

  84. Joanne A

    I bought this for my daughter who has been struggling with a foot that continues to give her some pain when she runs, etc. We had various ice packs at home that we used, but when her favorite broke, we looked for a new one and found this one. My daughter loves it! It fits perfectly and gives just the right amount of “cool” for her foot and is very comfortable! I highly recommend it!

  85. Veronica

    The product work very well.

  86. Angela L Dillion

    Exactly as described. Exactly what I was looking for.

  87. nickers

    This is a must for foot and ankle inflammation!

  88. Valentine Will

    If you have ankle pain you will love this ankle ice pack. . Feels great. Velcro elastic keeps gel pack snug on painful areas. Used daily after breaking ankle and it helped so much.

  89. Joan W.

    dont get as cold as expected. Had toreturn

  90. La Dolcevitaguy

    This Product is Fantastic. I do not ordinarily write reviews but when I receive a product that exceeds all my expectations I feel obligated to let people know. This Ice pack helps my complex ankle fracture by giving me incredible amounts of icing comfort completely around my ankle and entire foot. After freezing in a very cold freezer the ice pack stays very cold for at least 30 minutes. The trick is to put it in a very cold temperature freezer = then relief! Flexible, great being able to wrap multiple ways, simple. And very reasonable cost, a winner overall, Buy It!

  91. Stacey

    Works well. It takes some practice to get it to fit correctly for your foot, but having said that it does adjust pretty much in every direction to fit well. I don’t recommend walking on it, but it has been possible in an emergency!

  92. Miki Heaton

    This is a must have product for anyone having foot/ankle surgery. I am having to keep ice on my foot/ankle constantly and this works great. It penetrates the cast and helps to keep the swelling at bay. Buy two so you can swap out.

  93. Judy Spurgeon

    Helped the ankle pain.. again surprised how fast it worked…

  94. bastroposo

    I have had ankle and Achilles pain for years. I ordered this and received it promptly. I put it into my freezer and went to a wedding. When I returned, I put it on. It was truly amazing. It way surpassed my expectations. I wish I had found this years ago.

  95. M. Haraminac

    This stays cold long enough to be effective and is comfortable against bare skin.

  96. Pauliec

    Works well!!! Covers entire ankle, bottom of foot and lower leg. Stays cold for a long time and retains just the right amount of cold so its not painful to skin.

  97. Eilean Du

    Awakward to wear.on foot.

  98. Susan Siemers

    Had foot and ankle surgery in December, this is the type of icing they did at PT after my sessions. I really like it. Since both my foot and ankle were operated on, it was nice that it is so big that it covers all the bad spots.

  99. Jane F. Reeder

    I have a sore heel (“bump bump”). The wrap really helps reduce the inflammation. It stays cold for about 20 minutes, which is all you need.

  100. Craig J Pasek

    Its a good product, but isn’t cold enough and doesn’t stay cold long enough.

  101. Kindle Customer

    I had a triple arthritis surgery with an akeles tendon stretch. Aka one of the most painful surgeries for the foot short of major trauma. About a year recovery expecting. I had been in pain for years prior to and had various ice packs, but after none of them were cutting it. I purchased this and am so thankful for it. It gets everything that needs it cold. I will say that i feel like it does need to be in the freezer for about 8 hours to get the coldest and last the longest so I ordered a second so that i can switch them out.

  102. Steve in MD

    “Great for both hot and cold application.

    The quality is very good.”

  103. Kathie Hughson


  104. Cat

    First of all it’s a squishy gel like material like scuba suits with Gel that doesnt freeze. SO the picture makes it look tight fitting it’s not the pack never hardens up like ice. The gel just gets really really cold but its super pliable like memory foam. This is also a (con) sometimes it’s annoying to put it on it flops all over the place and it only has one strap that fit around your whole foot and ankle but since the gel wrap it so squishy it’s hard to get wrap it correctly. I have plantar fasciitis and this helps. It doesn’t stay super cold that long but it helps.

  105. JackGirl

    I love this cold pack! I have had a foot remodel, and this wrap covers my entire foot, I can even pull it up over my toes.

  106. ATF32

    Does not get very cold and does not last that long. Otherwise, it fits great!

  107. W. J.

    Works well for about ten minutes, but it doesn’t stay cold nearly long enough. I wish I’d bought one of the cheaper alternatives. There’s also a wide seam down the middle where my Achilles is located, so it’s not very effective there at all. I’d recommend seeking out another cold pack.

  108. Fulmer

    With the bones in my left foot being fused together my tendon has to do all the work in controlling flexibility. I use this product after working out to keep it from being inflamed and it works wonderfully highly recommended.

  109. Danielle

    Never got warm enough even after reheating.

  110. JXX

    Doesn’t get as cold as an ice pack or as hot as a water bottle. Ingenious idea but I don’t understand why they couldn’t make it a bit larger so that it encased your whole foot (I’m a size 11 men’s).

  111. Rick Hall

    Meh. In my experience, the wrap doesn’t stay cold long enough to reach the desired therapy effect. I would say that it only remains ice cold for 5-10 minutes.

  112. Customer

    Arrived as advertised and on time. Thanks!

  113. Ron

    Works great for my foot surgery torso release

  114. ENM

    Best purchase post broken ankle – stays cold 15 minutes, and then remains cold for awhile. Perfect for recovery – would purchase again.

  115. Joe O’Mara

    Updated Review – This wraps around my foot like a cold blanket. My original review was written as I was enjoying a beautifully cold gel pack around my ankle/foot. However, after 20 minutes the gel becomes room temperature. So Yes, good fit, Yes cold therapy, but lasts only 20 minutes. I chose a more expensive route as I’m not satisfied with only 20 minutes of cold

  116. Tyler L

    “First I purchased this for my plantar fascitis. Problem with it, is the strap goes around the ankle area so it doesn’t actually keep the bottom of the ice pack on or pressed against the bottom of my foot if I want to have my foot up while icing it. If I stand up on it then it works, but its large and will want to fall down and or move around if I walk around on it.

    Recently after having it I broke my fibula around my ankle and used it there at times but again if you want the ice back to stay in place you have to use the velcro strap and strap it tightly. This was not an ideal situation since I had a broken bone. Once bone was healed and I could apply pressure to the area it was easier to tighten the strap around the ankle.”

  117. tjwash

    “Great! I’ve fumbled with so many gel PAC wraps that are both hard to get on and don’t stay in place.

    This one went on easily, stayed in place, and felt very comforting. Totally satisfied. Will update if quality fails”

  118. Kendra G.

    Works great for my old ankle fracture pain!! Relief at last!!!

  119. d3

    This has nice, soft feel of neoprene and is cold without being overly harsh. Great product. Like it better than traditional ice packs or gel packs. Works well on elbow as well as foot.

  120. cyndeeloo


  121. The Beard

    “This coming from someone who has rolled, twisted, turned, sprained and whatever else possible other than breaking (knock on wood). This ice pack is easy to use and worth the money. I play basketball and flag football to get my running in and I know this is in my freezer waiting for me when I get home (if needed). You can also use for headaches fits on a head perfectly.

    The only negative is I have two ankles and need to buy another one.”

  122. Geralyn L Hunt

    Just as described. Works great for my Achilles tendinitis

  123. La

    Great Ankle Ice wrap !!! I was injured with a grade 3 ankle sprain and at first I needed to Ice every single hour. This was horrible, the ice would melt, hard to get on and stay on. This product is a GAME CHANGER. Just throw it on, no time wasting trying to tape ice to your foot. Love this product would 100% recommend

  124. mayfairy25

    This is a fabulous product- I ordered two! I have sprained my ankle many times and have needed ice for months afterward. I am so glad I finally found something that is easy to use and NOT messy. It is comfortable and does the job. It isn’t so easy to walk around in because it slips off, but it’s perfect for propping your foot up and cooling it down. I use this for plantar fasciitis as well. Highly recommend.

  125. SnorlaxMermaid

    This has become so useful over the course of my sprained ankle.

  126. Marty Burke

    If you have foot pain or swelling issues like my wife does, you’ll love this. She uses it at least 3 times a week.

  127. Customer

    Does not really get very warm and the warmth only lasts for a short time.

  128. twila boyd gourley

    Very good quality wrap. It’s great that you can use it cold or hot

  129. Jan

    Nothing beats these for cold wraps. Used one at physical therapy and had to have for home use. Keep in freezer just in case. Can use on foot, knee, elbow, even on head anywhere on body.

  130. Gene T.

    This works perfect on my broken ankle. I have two- use heated one in am to get my ankle loosened up to begin stretching and cold one in pm as needed for swelling. Fits around my ankle perfect. Had severe ankle surgery with major scars and thus doesnt rub or irritate at all.

  131. R H.

    I’ve got soft tissue damage and angry ligaments / tendons from heel to ball in both feet, so have been looking for a product to wrap my entire foot in – this is it! I just received a pair of them yesterday and I’ve use them three times already. They’re perfect because the material really is a flexible gel-like pad that’s more like a piece of dense foam than slush or liquid. In particular, I’ve found that if I use the product upside down from the way it’s pictured, I can completely encase my EU42 feet bottoms in what should be the ankle portion, while leaving my upper ankle (that I don’t need to ice) more free in what should be the foot portion. The black strap pictured is one long elastic piece with velcro at the end that you can wrap in whatever way secures the boot best, so for me I can snug it around the ball of my foot where I want to apply the cold most directly and not the arch where I don’t.

  132. Christmas shopper

    I’ve only used it for icing but I’m very happy with this product. It chilled quickly and much better then trying to get a bag of ice to stay in the correct spot.

  133. Timothy C.

    Works Great

  134. yalc

    does not last cold enough

  135. SKB

    “Great discovery after surgery. Worn over a lightweight sock. Cold lasted for approximately 20 minutes after about an hour in freezer.

    Cover with a throw to keep cold as long as possible. Huge improvement over trying to use multiple ice packs.”

  136. Customer

    Exactly what I was looking for. This product has full coverage of my Achilles and foot. Works great. Material feels great.

  137. Mike B

    Coolness only lasted about 15min

  138. L. Palmer

    Oh my gosh, this thing is the bomb! I should’ve invested in one sooner. No more frozen bag of peas that keeps resolidifying into a giant ice chunk. No more water bottle that somehow inexorably leaks. No more ice pack that sweats and turns the floor/couch/bed sheets wet. And the Velcro keeps it in place nice. And it holds its temperature pretty long. My heel hurts me the worst and I can fold it and make it just cover my heel instead of my whole foot. Really great product!

  139. johnathan M Boone-Neal

    This item only gets stay cold for 5 mins and I left it in the freezer for a whole day

  140. S. Zimmerman

    Can’t say enough about this product! I use it after every exercise session as I have achilles tendonitis in my foot and it swells if not iced. I’ve tried different products, but this is definitely the best!

  141. Racquetball Girl

    The design doesn’t work well for Achilles Tendonitis. I normally love this company’s products. Have their cap, eye mask and shoulder/neck pack and they are wonderful. I bought two of these as I’ve got Tendonitis in both ankles but the design has the cold filler material split right down the back of the ankle by a seam. Ones a little better than the other but basically there’s no cold surface for 1-1.5 inches directly over the Achilles. I end up not wearing them boot fashion but laying them flat and wrapping them that way but it’s awkward and annoying.

  142. Carl

    It is ok.

  143. Paul M

    Wrap itself is good, comfortable and easy to use. I use the wrap primarily for icing of my ankle after surgery for the swelling. The gel doesn’t seem to hold cold temperature very long and quickly warms up after applying.

  144. lisa

    My husband loved these so much, that we bought a pair for my parents. Perfect for feet pain sufferers. They remain soft and pliable when frozen, so they form to your feet.

  145. Dog Walker

    I’ve used this twice now and while it is really easy to strap on, for me…it isn’t cold enough for nearly long enough. I’ll be using it to strap on frozen peas or other ‘colder’ pack products.

  146. Kim C.

    “I never, ever write reviews, but this one deserves it.

    I broke my ankle and had surgery recently. I have tried bags of frozen peas, gel packs, and good old-fashioned ice in baggies. None of these worked because I needed the coldness all around my ankle.

    This product slips on like a glove and you can tighten it however you like with the Velcro strap.

    Feels wonderful and I will be using this daily.”

  147. Missy Toot

    A great alternative to ice in a ziplock. I used it a ton when recovering from a broken ankle.

  148. guy

    Works great

  149. Steve Parker

    Good quality, thanks!

  150. Kerri Neumann

    This wrap did the trick for my foot swelling after surgery. It is shaped perfect for the foot. I always had trouble trying to get an ice pack situated on that area. Although there is a velcro strap that wraps around your foot & ankle, it would make for a snugger fit if there was velcro on the two sides where the gel wrap comes together.

  151. Joe

    YES! I love it. It wraps nicely around my foot but I can use it as an icepack for any other part of the body if I wanted. It is soft and durable. Very cold, although I recommend wrapping a blanket around it to keep it colder longer as it does lose the cold relatively fast. The velcro is Ok, it’ll last a while but it will eventually wear down, I wish there was a way to replace it. I do use it alot though for my foot-synuvitis and sprains.

  152. Customer

    Awesome product to hone in on foot/ankle post op! Wish I had it for my first surgery instead of just for the second one.

  153. Southern Girl

    ok, but such a large, flimsy pad

  154. Kindle Customer

    I bought this quite awhile back an we love love love it. I will have to have surgery on my foot soon, however I am already using it!! Great product an will buy from again!

  155. Lars’

    Best ice pack for most of foot or ankle area…Stays flexible you can even walk around the house while wearing it.

  156. flower

    Currently using a couple times per day for a foot injury. Using the travel time as a passenger in a car to ice foot so the fact that this ice pack does not get everything wet is perfect. It’s comfortable and completely wraps foot and stays in position as well.

  157. Anna Kirkpatrick

    Tried both hot and cold; not very effective.

  158. Helpful Shopper

    I like this on my foot a lot. However I agree it doesn’t get cold enough and this wrap doesn’t stay cold very long…maybe 10 minutes at best.

  159. Okydoky

    Very comfortable

  160. Craig Zora

    Only stays cold for 5 minutes. Useless.

  161. Julie Jones

    Fits perfectly and provides excellent cooling.

  162. Jo Anne Muller

    I loved this product. Just the right shape and coldness. Really was helpful after a foot fracture. Total thumbs up on this product????

  163. nickybaseball

    I’m sure this thing works great for ankles, but my physical therapist recommended it for my SHOULDER, and I gotta tell you, it works PERFECTLY for that purpose. Highly recommended for all those hearty souls who have undergone shoulder replacement.

  164. Customer

    I cannot stress enough the perfection of these products. When does the full body suit become available? :):). My husband wears his ice boots every evening and they are comfy and comforting. Best cold/hot product EVER!!!

  165. ProTek

    Bought 2 for the wife. Very handy when her foot acts up! Its good to get 2 so that you can swap out for another cold one if needed later on or if both feet act up.

  166. Sam Snead

    This wrap worked great while it lasted. Offers a long cold session after freezing. Gel throughout so it covers the ankle and all around the foot. Easy to secure. I used it often after hockey games. I would store it ion my freezer. Never used it for heat. One day I pulled it out of the freezer and it had bloated up to twice its normal size. The inside gel was in chunks and the whole sleeve was deformed. It was no longer keeping a cold temperature. Its as if there was an inner lining inside that somehow ruptured. This unit was treated very gingerly and had no cause to break or rupture. I used it to wrap my foot always in a seated position. I would then remove the wrap and place it back in the freezer. I expected this to last more than a few dozen re-freezes for such a high price.

  167. Donnell Squires

    Broke my ankle and this has been an amazing product. So much easier than trying to deal with ice.

  168. butterflyharley

    Highly recommend

  169. Lisa Perry

    This is the best foot/ankle ice pack I have ever found. It was perfect when I had surgery on my achille’s and plantar fascia and helped reduce the swelling after surgery and all during my recovery. It also came in handy a year later when I sprained my ankle very badly. It feels like a foam like material and gets super cold and stays cold for well over 30 to 45 minutes. I love the Velcro strap to hold it in place and it can fit on either left or right foot. When my husband has a really bad headache, he will wear it on his head like a helmet and it helps his headaches also.

  170. Customer

    No problems

  171. Mea

    Helped my Dad!

  172. Sharkdrake mom

    Very good product. String strap, covers entire foot.

  173. BB

    It stays cold long enough for a normal 15 min icing. You can strap around your like in pic or around your foot to cover by ball of foot.

  174. Jean

    I recently had the HyproCure surgery on my ankle and this worked like a charm! I had no problems wrapping it around because it is so flexible. No more fumbling with ice and ice packs that weigh too much and it does not get any bandages wet either. I am absolutely pleased with this product.

  175. Gary J. Harvey Jr.

    “This is THE BEST ice pack I’ve ever owned.

    Fits great for the ankle. Will be ordering the one for the neck next.

    I love the fact that it stays SOFT.”

  176. Eugene W Wong

    Good idea but not cold enough and doesn’t last long

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  1. A Yes, the entire wrap is gel. I love this product.
  2. A Yes--the Velcro strap can be positioned easily to ice the arch' top or bottom. I even fold mine over to concentrate the cold a bit before strapping it in place. I highly recommend this sleeve for its flexibility and ease of use.
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