Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap


Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap

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  • Simple to put on
  • Attaches around neck
  • Removable outside cover
  • Available in 2 sizes

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The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap is used mostly to relieve headaches; additionally, the cap can also help regulate and maintain healthy body temperatures.

The cap is great for cold therapy as a remedy for tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines. Or it can be used to regulate body temperature, during or after workouts. The cap will stay cold for 20-40 minutes after a minimum of 2 hours in the freezer. The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap can also be warmed-up to be used in heat therapy.

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199 reviews for Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cranial Cap

  1. Kris

    It dors fit the whole head like shownin the pictures but there could be more strap. I have long thich hair and apparently a big head so i cant strap the strap around my neck with out feeling that i am choking. It stays cold for about 15 mins like an ice pack would. I was hoping for long or stronger than an ice pack but no. It is okay but i still use flexable ice packs to place in exact migrain spots when needed.

  2. Costalot

    very good for migranes but doesnt stay cold for very long. it does however recharge just as fast in the frezzer so its a give and take. it is very comfortable as i have falling asleep with it on many of times.

  3. todd b.

    this is one of the best products for relief of tension headaches!!! i am a doctor and recommend this to many of my patients

  4. JOHN M

    Good idea….but it doesn’t stay cold very long. About 15 mins is all I get out of it. Also, there isn’t much coverage over forehead. It does cover rest of head and the neck very well. If you bought 2 or 3 so you can recycle them through the freezer and keep the one on your head cold enough to provide relief then it might be OK.

  5. Joshua Host

    Well made. Works great.

  6. Joan

    My husband uses this to ice head after brain radiation. Easy to use instead of holding an ice bag on head and works great.

  7. Lauren Santerre

    Even the small was too big for my head and it only lasts about 30 min of cooling.

  8. Astrohk

    When I have a SERIOUS headache, I put this on. It doesn’t last more than 20 minutes, but I don’t really need it to be on my head for THAT long.

  9. Customer

    My husband swears by this product for his migraine headaches.

  10. Josh

    This is the standard size for people with up to and including medium/large size heads, so it did fit alright. Superior workmanship and made with comfort in mind. However, it takes a long time to get cold in the freezer and doesn’t stay cold long. You might get an hour’s worth of cold, but the cold is distributed evenly. This product is basically as good as it gets for the price, however. I haven’t tried using it with dry ice yet, that seems a bit excessive for migraine management issues.

  11. James Benefield

    as advertised

  12. Micque Li

    “Seriously, I once had a dream about creating exactly this kind of migraine relief cap! And here it is. Although it’s a little heavy on the head (the gel is simply weighty), I wear it in bed, around the house, whenever I feel a migraine even coming on. It’s been a blessed relief.

    The cool temperature lasts a long time. And if it gets too cold for one area of my head/face/neck, I rearrange the cap – for instance, I take the flap covering the neck and fold it up, wrap the velcro straps around the back instead of under the chin.

    It travels well, survives other people playing with it (“”What the heck *is* this?! You’re so funny! Hey look at me! Ooo, this actually feels good!”” 🙂

    Highly recommended.”

  13. Rachel Ramsay

    Used at a sports tournament in St. Louis to cool me down. Did a great job however didn’t last for long as the cooling gel packs inside move around and settle at the lower back/lower sides due to their weight. Sadly only got two uses out of it before having to throw it out


    This is an awesome product for anyone that suffers from migraines. The fabric is soft, flexible and not too heavy. Really an asset to have in my arsenal against migraine.

  15. Customer

    My husband has a TBI and this has helped him a lot!!

  16. Melanie B

    “I like this product. I’ve used it religiously since college (about 6 years) regardless of whether I have a headache. It helps me tame inflammation and keeps me feeling vibrant and healthy. However, I’ve purchased about 8 of them. They are pretty expensive, so I get annoyed when they fall apart. Especially as I’ve become more careful over the years with trying to preserve them, it is more frustrating when they last about a year.

    I understand that they need to be kept in the bag. However, there are elements at play that just puts an expiration date on these. If there is any humidity in your house, the humidity will begin the process. Make sure the bag is closed tightly- moisture from the freezer will also start the decomposition. There is moisture in the air and moisture outside, and moisture everywhere, so it sucks that this cap falls apart with exposure to moisture. It sort of becomes a soggy mess that no longer fits its cloth exterior, and does not lay on the head as you would want it to.

    After becoming increasingly careful with handling it, and still watching it fall apart, I had to resign from my role as a loyal customer. I would only buy it again if it were about $20. It just isn’t worth the cost if it falls apart so easily.”

  17. movie_lover

    LOVE this! it’s so great for when I get a migraine!

  18. kathleen Jarvinen

    I always use this for my migraines. I even had my friends & family use it & their headaches started to dimish

  19. Customer

    Have been using this for chronic headache–it has helped tremendously! It contours to your head and upper neck very comfortably.

  20. Customer.

    Excellent product for cooling down after a workout. Extremely well made and very high quality. Cold only lasts about a half hour, but that would be my only critique.

  21. Katherine M Medin

    So far we have bought 3 of these. They are great for migraines and wont slip off your head in the middle of the night. I like to call it my wife’s savior helmet. Did have an issue with the first one soaking up water and the inside gel formed into clumps. We did not read the instructions that clarified they should be kept dry. We know put them in freezer zip-lock bags while in the freezer to avoid contact with possible moisture.

  22. Keara Thewes

    Really works. Stays cold for 20 minutes. Full coverage. Definitely has weight to it so you will want to be laying down or sitting back in a chair. Great quality.

  23. Jamesatkatz

    not cold enough and only lasts for a short time

  24. J. Jordan

    awesome for my migraines, keep in a gallon ziplock to avoid the freezer smells

  25. cecilia meza

    Nice and fast shipping thanks

  26. E. Dubuisson

    It doesn’t stay cold, it doesn’t have a place for ponytails/hair, and it’s only good for 15 min relief at most. Also, the Velcro has a strangling effect

  27. FelinePipurr

    Did not fit at alllll! way to big. I should have listened to the reviews. It is WAY to cold when u put it on but does not stay cold long enough to be effective. Odd combination. I was desperate for something like this so I bought it. I should have returned it.

  28. Jill Gardiner

    This lived up to my expectations, stayed pliable from freezer to my head and the cold factor stayed cold for several hours. I am happy with it. Have chronic migraines and a head that seems to be hotter than I would like….

  29. Jim

    “This product is great for the first 3 minutes you have it on and then it gets too cool or hot. I have tried heating it more or cooling it more but it never stays more than about 3 minutes at a usable temperature. What a shame because it feel great for those first 3 minutes and works great.

    Other than the short time also the velcro around the neck hurts and is very rough and scratches your neck. It seems like it could have been better designed. I would just put up with it if it heated more but honestly it doesn’t get any use because it won’t stay hot or cold.”

  30. James P

    Only stays cold for about 15 minutes but it has brought relief to my wife’s aching head.

  31. Andrea Troiano

    Cap doesn’t stay cold or cool for to long, only about 20 minutes

  32. Jill Myers Mccullough

    I bought this for headaches and gave it 4 stars because the gel inside stays cold maybe 20-30 minutes. It does cover the TMJ area on me. I keep it in the freezer, it’s a nice solid weight and no tears after using 2 months. Seems like the negative reviews are mostly that it doesn’t help prevent hair loss during chemo?

  33. NotTakinItAnymore

    “Well, let’s see…

    1. The Design is WAY OFF, from the one pictured.

    2. The color is completely Different.

    3. The Size is EXTREMELY BIG, even though I ordered the SMALLEST one they have (i’m 5’10″” tall, and Small is Way Too Big for me)

    The Bag that it came in, says Small/Medium. But the Product itself says absolutely NOTHING AT ALL as-to it’s size.

    I get frequent headaches, sometimes Severe Migraines. Surprisingly enough, this actually DID HELP.

    It cooled my head enough, that the headache Quickly went away.

    And a HELL of alot faster than even the strongest headache aspirin.

    Note: I keep it in the Fridge, NOT the Freezer.

    All in All: Definately Worth It.

    Still disappointed that I didnt receive the one I ordered, though..”

  34. Lola

    It flops at the top of the front

  35. Casey N.

    I am using this cap to save my hair during chemo. It is working. I have lost no hair and have two treatments left. I got a large needle for crafting and yarn and sewed up the gap in the middle. Then I buy $30 of dry ice the night before. I put four caps and dry ice in cooler. I wear these during chemo and for four hours after. I change them out every 30 minutes. There are You Tube videos on this too. Cold Caps are very expensive to rent. This is working great for me. There are some gaps. I wear a fleece hat over this. I look funny in the treatment room, but I have my hair.

  36. T.D. Carter

    Cap gets an A+ plus. However, my head wasnt as big as I thought so I have to return mine. Go to website of manufacturer and see how to measure your head b4 you order.

  37. Liz

    It ain’t cute, but it really helps my mom with her chronic pain and headaches. She says she feels much better after wearing this.

  38. billy

    Love this Cranial Cap I have Chiari Malformation and the help with the massive headaches I have everyday.

  39. Customer

    Very sad that there isn’t a way to keep this from rising up, it’s not very well constructed as it never stays on my head always riding up. I have tried both large and small. So I am stuck with this and can’t use it??

  40. Customer

    “My wife has MS as well as neck issues which create inflammation and overheating. This helps treat her headaches.

    Would have gotten 5 stars except that the gel is on the thin side and it stops cooling sooner than desired.”

  41. LLL

    I wish there was something like this that could somehow not fasten around the neck; that constriction only makes my migraines worse. But, the overall idea of this is awesome. It’s hard to hold an ice pack to my head when I have a migraine, and I like it being gel better than ice anyway. Overall, it’s better than anything else I’ve found, but some modifications could make it better.

  42. lisa

    Doesn’t really get cold enough. If you dampen your hair it helps.

  43. Rebecca

    Don’t recommend. Description not detailed enough. Product is extremely heavy. Apparently it is non refundable even if never opened.

  44. Customer

    Good product

  45. Christi Gottfried

    Ha, he loves this and he looks totally silly wearing it but it keeps him cooled off. Very nice quality.

  46. Tom

    Effective and great price.

  47. D. Reilly

    I find cold therapy to be really effective when fighting migraines. I really like these caps. I keep several of them in my freezer and alternate them. They work really well. They seem to have the right amount of cold to avoid a “brain freeze” and still calm the blood vessels down and ease the pain pretty quickly. I actually find these work more quickly than the triptans. The only negatives – they don’t exactly fit that great, but I’ve found work arounds for that. Also, the cold wears off quickly. But, that can be good too because it gets cold again quickly, so I just keep a few in freezer and alternate them when I need them. Definitely worth the investment.

  48. John D

    It’s ok but doesn’t stay cold very long and doesn’t fit well. Chin strap is abrasive.

  49. AWA

    Haven’t actually tried this yet, but judging from the look and feel, this appears to be a very high quality cranial cap.

  50. Peter Lock

    They look great and hope they will work as suggested with chemo. Should they be used at home on non-chemo therapy week?

  51. MD NYC

    I bought two, and used them for the first time today. The cap gaps away from the head in several areas, such as the top and front of the head, and strap adjustment doesn’t address the issue. I even put on a wool hat over it, hoping it would press it down, to make contact w the top of my head, but it didn’t work. They also did not stay cold for a whole 20 minutes. They were disappointing.

  52. LewLew

    “I was so excited to finally get a nice ice pack cap that covered my head…

    I received the product and it doesn’t cover your “”temples”” and was extremely loose.. (I have a pretty averaged sized head and measured before I ordered and it didn’t fit!)

    The material feels nice but if you get a migraine and it doesn’t even stay cold but for <20 minutes…WHY spend money on it?

    This product from my experience was a complete waste of time and money.

    Still searching for something that will cover my ENTIRE head and stay cold long enough for a migraine to go away."

  53. Rocky Mosby

    We bought one of the to help with migraine headaches. The hood was so effective that we purchased a second one to give us the ability to swap out one for the other when it heats up from use. Only complaint is the material – the Velcro straps are not really useful, and the hook portion of the Velcro stickers to the hood’s fabric.

  54. CAbuyer

    Great product, works excellent for migraine and tension headaches as well as a great cool-down after overheating from exercise over exertion. Soft and cold, it is truly a wonderful product!

  55. Matt D. Fouts

    I’m a regular migraine sufferer and this is glorious! The cold lasts 15-25 minutes, which is the right time period for a cold pack. Would like to reapply but it’s really most effective for the initial application only. Applying this at the beginning of a migraine brings instant relief for me…not 100%, but it’s wonderful. The challenge with this is that if it is ever stored or placed in the freezer and is not completely flat the gel clumps up inside the ice pack and it becomes useless for it’s intended purpose. The manufacturer should really find a way to bond the gel to the fabric. Also, the velcro grabs the fabric and frays it out. I love what it does, don’t love the practical lifecycle/quality of the product.

  56. Mark Hedges

    Large / Extra Large if you’re on an island of people with shrunken heads. The neck strap is not as pictured in the diagram. It is too tight to be worn without choking. It also does not stay cold for more than about 15 minutes. Do yourself a favor and buy some frozen peas and a piece of ribbon, or put a damp towel in the microwave if you want it hot. Don’t waste your money on this.

  57. c furber

    Did not meet expectation, item can not get wet! It does not get cold but only gets cool for 15 minutes.

  58. Karen fett

    Doesn’t stay cold long enough

  59. Dr. Donna

    The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap is very helpful when I get a migraine. I can’t strap it under my chin though because I feel like I am being choked, but that’s just me. I also find it pretty cold on my ears. However, the cold surrounding my head when I have a migraine does help. The Small/Medium is really too big for me so it is not very snug on my head, but I make it work. I would recommend the product.

  60. San in Seattle

    So happy I purchased this. I get terrible tension headaches and I’ve tried tons of remedies. The cranial cap has helped minimize my headaches immensely. Not attractive but comfortable and easy to put on and go about your tasks (at home :-). I just bought one for my mother who gets migraines. I hope it helps her as much as it’s helped me. Highly recommend and easily worth the price!

  61. rosesped

    This has been wonderful to have. I get migraines and this is wonderful. I do have to cover my ears due to how cold it is, but that is why I love this product, it stays cold for hours.

  62. Eric S. Portner

    These two Cranial Caps cost less here then from the manufacturer! They work great! My friend has severe migraines , and these help tremendously:) I recommend buying two, if you can, as one can be worn while the other gets cold again in the freezer! NOTE11 Kepp these in their provided covers, and then wrap them in a large trash bag when in the freezer; this will prevent them from absorbing any odors from other items in the freezer! FIVE STARS HERE, PERIOD! 🙂

  63. Kimberly S

    I purchased this cap thinking it would help when I have migraines. It doesn’t apply pressure like the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask. I prefer the Sinus Mask.

  64. db2000

    I would have preferred a snugger fit so I know that every section of my head was being cooled. I haven’t had an intense headache since I purchased this, but I have had mild headaches coming on that disappeared soon after wearing this cap. I’ve never experienced the sensation of having my entire head chilled at the same time. It does feel great when your feeling overheated.

  65. sheilam

    My husband has had a head injury since 1996 from an auto accident that he was t-boned by an old man who ran a red light and hit Ralph in his new 1995 Ford Ranger XLT. Ralph was in a seat-belt, with the impact, he broke the seat-belt and broke the middle console and ended up on the passenger floor of the truck once truck settled after impact. He has had headaches and nerve issues since then along with back issues but this cranial cap helps him with his old head injury. He loves this and being bald it keeps his head warm! so this isn’t just for cancer patients!

  66. Michael K Jones

    works very well for our son who has chronic migraines. well made and easy to use. takes up little space in freezer

  67. Chen Sun

    “This is a distinctive shapely product. Heat all head parts, except for face.

    The chin strap is too short. I created an extender, but an extra 2 or 3 inches would have made this a 5 star product.”

  68. William O Green

    This has helped with both my migraines and neck injury. Great invention to help those who are in need some something to cool down pain.

  69. susuyaya

    “i have horrendos migraines and ave 10-20/month. since insurance only allows 9 tablets a month and now only covers generic which are only half as effective as brand I have to take 2 tabs for a killer.

    my neurologist suggested taking 2 Execedrin Migraine gel tabs with 1 Advil/Aleve gel tab. Luckily this takes care of the smaller ones and for the doozies I do this first before the generic Zomig. but Zomig sublingual will kill it in under 15 minutes. the generic takes an hour or so.”

  70. Cara M

    Very excited about this! Great for numbing superficial pain & quite comfortable. Cools down hot flashes too

  71. Troy G.

    Fits good, flexible, too expensive, I liked it, though cold only lasts 10-15 minutes. It did covet my head & neck.

  72. Kim

    I have chronic severe headaches and am always on the lookout for non chemical methods to find relief, and have been VERY grateful for this Ice cap. It does not stay cold for long, but it is bliss to put it on and ice my whole head to find relief. I actually own two and find the expense to be well worth it.

  73. Vennis

    It is great while laying down, but it is a little heavy for my liking when I have a migraine

  74. kent7777

    My wife says that it is AMAZING how this cap works to relief tennsion.

  75. Renee Marshall

    Wonderful product! Cold even when not in the freezer. So relieving and comfortable. Love it!

  76. Infinity

    “I love how well this cranial cap cools all over the head. I know of no other product that does that so very well. I’ve been using extra large-sized ice bags, and they can wrap around a fairly large area, but nothing like this, which engulfs the WHOLE head other than face (a good eye mask used at the same time as this hood can be a wonderful combination, by the way). I hadn’t felt that before, and it was wonderful to discover this product and that feeling of whole-head cooling coverage it gives since my headaches are whole-head headaches. It’s rather comforting in a way, too, like being wrapped up in a soft warm blanket when you’re chilled. Speaking of soft, the surface of this thing is surprisingly soft to the touch. It looks plastic-like in the photo to me, but it’s a very soft cloth-like feeling. The cooling comes at all areas equally in my experience, which is unique for me with head-cooling products.

    I bought the VERY expensive “”Soothe-Away Thermal Therapy”” system, which has an electrical pump pumping water through tubes into attachments that go on your head, and that doesn’t come close to the wonderful cooling feeling and coverage that this product without all the trouble of refilling a pump machine with distilled water regularly, or the far greater cost of that system.

    Of course, as with any product you cool in the freezer, the cooling wears off. But I find this hood can last as long as 45 minutes before I feel that the cooling power of it has worn off. Even then, I’ll sometimes leave it on longer and derive benefit. But really, after 30 to 40 minutes usually, I find this hood needs to be placed back in the freezer for a refresh. That’s longer than what I get from any gel-pack or other freezer-cooled product I’ve tried, so I’m happy with the duration of its effects relative to what’s available that I know of.

    Ice bags last longer, especially the largest ones, and they can contact a lot of your head at once. But they leave a lot untouched at any given point in time (I rotate those around to get different areas), and the most problematic thing with ice bags or gel packs is that you have to hold them in place or else stay still after balancing them somewhere. This hood avoids that need, which is wonderful: hands-free operation, and the ability to move around to reach for something or whatever!

    I could have deducted one star for the fact that the strap for the neck is too short for me. The size of the cranial cap is perfect, so I don’t think the larger sized unit would’ve been necessary or even good for me. I get around this by using my over-the-counter neck brace that I get from a drug store, which is merely a thick foam pad with Velcro straps. Putting on this hood, not using the hood’s neck strap, and then putting the neck brace around the outside of the hood’s neck portion works perfectly for me, so I didn’t deduct that star because of the neck strap being too short for me. Besides, I can get the neck strap on as it comes, but it’s just a bit uncomfortable for me, perhaps only because I have a large Adam’s apple (if I were female, I might not have felt the neck strap was too short at all). I suppose I’d deduct 0.5 stars for the neck strap issue, so I could round up to 5 or down to 4. I went with up, because, in sum…

    I just LOVE how this feels on my head: cooling all over like nothing else gives, lasting longer than other freezer-cooled or ice-filled products, and comforting.

    I had this on my Wish List for a long time–just so I wouldn’t forget about it or not be able to find it in a search again–before deciding to pay what for me is a fairly high cost, and I’m so very glad I finally just went ahead and bought it. If you’re reading this, you have very bad headaches on a regular basis like I do (mine are severe daily), and you likely use ice bags and gel packs of various brands, models, sizes, and types like I do. With all that experience and all these things I’ve acquired, this is by far the best I have or have tried, all in all, and worth the cost. If you had the money buying more than one so you can rotate them in the freezer would be just wonderful. But even though I can only really afford one right now, I can say that even if you only get one and even if it does lose its cool (like the others) and need recharging in the freezer, I highly recommend this product and I hope you find yourself as happy with this as I am!

    When possible, I’ll buy one or two more so I can rotate them in the freezer for the worst of my headaches, when I can use one for a half hour to 45 minutes, then pop a fresh one on for some pretty long-acting, all-over head cooling. I’d recommend that even more than just one of these, though it obviously makes sense to buy one for now to see how you like it first. I encourage you to try that!”

  77. Mzzzzzzkay

    “I suffer from Chronic migraines, I pretty much have them all day every day for over a year now. Those who suffer from any form of migraine will know cooling the head helps. Tis thing gets so cold sometimes I have to give my head a break from the cold. It last a very long time as well and reduces my head temp drastically. I bought the eye masks of this type as well and I cycle them out. I can’t not recommend these more, they have made my life a bit better and my suffering a bit less, Amazing material on the outside and amazing gel on the inside.

    Be careful of the velcro, it sticks to the outer material and can leave tufts so I just velcro it before placing back in freezer.”

  78. Gregory E Koman

    It doesn’t fit well and bulges away from my head in some areas–the temples primarily. The velcro strap can feel constricting and uncomfortable. I do like how heavy the product is, and often just lay is across my head folded in half, instead of draping it around my head. I believe I get better icing when I drape it, than when I fasten it as a cap. I wish there was more material that expanded onto my cheeks, as sometimes I feel like my whole head is on fire from my headache and enflamed. I also believe the company should consider a redesign to make it fit better and to provide better coverage of the forehead. I understand that they want the product to fold in half, however, as something that sits in my freezer, I don’t believe that is necessary. As someone who suffers from chronic headaches, I would rather it cover my entire forehead and head better than be able to fold nicely in half. They missed the mark on this one!

  79. Dennell E.

    You need a thin skull cap to protect your head from the immense coldness, but it works for its purpose

  80. Adrie

    “I have had really bad migraines for the last ten years and I was glad to try this cap out.


    – fits snugly

    – remains flexible, no matter how long I leave it in the freezer

    – doesn’t wet my hair (a big annoyance with ice packs


    – loses the coldness quickly – about 10-15 minutes, depending on how hot my head is.

    Overall, this is a great product and I’ll probably get a second one.”

  81. Kitty Tomcho

    The concept is great. I bought it to help me when I get migraines. Cold packs had helped in the past but didn’t mold to the head and stay in place. Pros: Can move around with it in place and provides some cold relief. Cons: Cold only lasts 15 to 20 minutes and only get about 5 minutes of deep cold. Should have a recess for the ears. Just needs to be heavier duty.

  82. Zach

    This thing feels great, but because it’s not terribly thick (and if it was, it’d be super heavy), the cold doesn’t last terribly long. Great for the initial onslaught of a headache, but would need to stay cool longer to be more effective.

  83. Nancy K. Fowler

    I was hoping to find some relief for my migraines with this hat, but I was disappointed. It was too large for my normal-sized head and didn’t stay cold f

  84. marie s vigliotta

    “I gave this two stars only because it did cover the top of my head, which was helpful, and they waived the restocking fee when I returned it.

    Otherwise it would have gotten one star. The gel only keeps the cap cold for 10-15 minutes. The WORST thing about it is the fit. It gapes widely at the temples, which is where my headache is worst. It’s too bulky at the neck, and doesn’t adequately cover the forehead. I don’t know what they used as a model for the head but it must have been some alien life form, as it certainly doesn’t fit human beings.

    Really a HUGE disappointment. Don’t waste your money. I paid $16 to send it back, and they also deducted the original shipping price. So it cost me $23 to try out a totally useless product, which may indicate how truly desperate I was to find something to ease my chronic headaches. This certainly wasn’t the answer!”

  85. Carolyn B.

    doesn’t stay cold a long time

  86. Cynthia

    GREAT migraine icepack

  87. Steph


  88. Laurie F.

    I was in a car accident and have a concussion. I used this cap every night for the first three weeks to help with the headaches and the pain. It has been a great help!

  89. William R. Mchugh

    My wife suffer none stop head pain. This cap fits well, it’s a bit heavy, and does not retain it’s cold. It is ok for non chronic use.

  90. nc25

    I got this to help with my migraines. It works okay. I wish there was a different way to keep it on my head, other than the neck Velcro strap. It’s itchy and uncomfortable. I use it mostly laying down and avoid using the chin strap, but then it doesn’t feel like a tight fit. I also wish it held the cool temperature longer. I have tried wrapping a towel around it to insulate, and that works better than having it exposed to the air. I don’t think I would buy this again. I seem to do just a well with other ice packs I keep in the freezer.

  91. Blue Meeple

    “Even with the flaws, however, I’m glad that I got it. To wrap an icepack around my whole head when I have a migraine is bliss.

    I got the L/XL size – I don’t know how big my head is, but at the store, women’s hats are usually too small. The cap fits well but the strap is too short and angled down instead of across. Worse, it scratches and pokes at my neck, especially where it’s sewn to the cap. I don’t know if the angle is a flaw with all of them or just mine (the scratching is clearly all of them) and these can’t be returned, so I’ll just have to find a way to alter it myself.”

  92. Customer

    I’m very dissapointed. I’ve had 2 of these for several years & love them. I have daily headaches & also migraines. They changed the product and made it THINNER, which men’s it stays cold for a shorter amount of time! Also because it is thinner, it is lighter & the weight of the thicker style actually felt more soothing too even after the cold wore off. I have to trade my 2 original ones out multiple times on a long bad headache & migraine which is why I bought a new one. I may return this one. Bring back the original, you can’t skimp on a product that is so important to migraine & headache sufferers!!

  93. Kathy

    It actually works pretty well, the only problem is it doesn’t stay cold long enough. To really be able to use it during a migraine you would have to have two to change out.

  94. Melissa C.

    This ice pack has helped alleviate the discomfort of sinus and pms headaches!

  95. Nicolas Manotas

    “I don’t know if it does every thing that It says It does, but was really helpfull during my moders quimio, because it helps her with the headache .

    i am happy with my purchase”

  96. Elisa

    I have had migraines since I was 8, I wish I should have shelled out the cash for this sooner! The pics make it look like….I don’t know, something its not. Don’t get me wrong, its not beautiful but those aren’t the standards you’re going for while wearing this thing. Squishy, gel-y, super cold thing. It’s awesome.

  97. tracy

    Bought it for my headaches. Works well although the cold does not last near as long as a other cold packs I have. The strap can be a little irritating under the chin/around the neck. I put a very light dish towel between it and my head/neck/ears for the first few minutes because its very cold right out of the freezer. Instructions say to keep in the plastic bag it comes with-DO IT! I put it in the freezer once without the bag and it got frosty and wetted my hair when it melted!

  98. Azam Family

    Very soothing for my headaches. I wish I had this three days ago when I had a doozy of a headache. I will be prepared for my next headache though.

  99. LEP627

    It is EXTREMELY HEAVY (which is the last thing you need on your head when you have a migraine), it only makes your head feel worse.

  100. Linda Minter

    thank you

  101. hew

    If you need a Cold Helmet for any reason (me, migraines), this thing is SERIOUS. Like, not for the faint of heart and you better seriously need some cooling. For migraineurs like me it’s kind of a godsend.

  102. James Ferrero

    Helps with headaches. The larger sized version is defiantly preferable.

  103. Laurie

    This is great at relieving my headaches, but I wish the sides were somehow adjustable so I could get it closer to my temples. Maybe a few little velcro straps could be added? I also think it would be nice if the strap under the chin was thinner and/or softer, or maybe lined with something soft. Overall a great idea, just needs some more tweaking.

  104. Anna

    Love it

  105. Starbucksman

    Gets luke warm too fast for my headaches

  106. Alisa Carter

    This ice pack works very well for me when I have a migraine. I’d recommend getting 2 as it doesn’t stay cold enough for longer than 30 minutes.

  107. GroovyKati

    I got the small/medium and it is still pretty bit on my head, but I am a very petite 5’4″. It doesn’t stay cold for longer than about 30 minutes, but really helps take the edge off of my migraines. The one I got was not as pictured, it was a light blue. The color didn’t bother me because this is obviously not meant for fashion.

  108. Batman of Laguna Seca 1964

    “It freezes my head for about a half hour, and along with oxygen that knocks the headache way down. It came right on time and looks like a pretty good product. Fits perfect.

    it came right on time a”

  109. Darlene

    I had mentally “invented” something like this but didn’t know how to actually create it before I stumbled across this looking for something else. It’s much better than my makeshift efforts. I don’t give it five stars because it doesn’t stay cold very long. I also don’t like my ears getting so chilled. But it does provide some relief for my headache pain.

  110. Mary M. Allen

    Get one,works!

  111. AZ Customer

    This ended up not being used for its intended purpose. It was going to be used as a cold cap for an older person, but she felt it was too heavy. I ended up keeping it for myself and it works great. I forgot that it could also be used as a heat pack and it became a great alternative to a hot water bottle. Stayed warm much longer and could be placed almost anywhere safely.

  112. Philip Watson

    This cap is amazing for headaches, migraines and even for athletes to keep your body cool during time outs and intermissions!

  113. Kevin Lang

    Wife loves it.

  114. Sharon-PahRahdise Ranch, NV

    My husband has trouble with heat, so I got this to coax him into my far infrared sauna!

  115. Joe

    Works well to keep me cool and if I have a head-ache


    I use this for my migraines. Its great because it doesn’t frost up and freeze to my hair and provides full forehead to neck coverage. I wish it stayed cold for a little longer but its well worth the investment, even if my husband does call me a smurf when I’m in it. The chin strap allows you to wear this and move around without holding it the whole time. You can even velcro the strap on top of your head to keep your ears from getting cold.

  117. Gerald B. Dorn

    i bought this cap for my wife and myself.It is great for Migraines and neck pain.The price was the best I found

  118. Alice Chang

    great seller. product really works.

  119. karin wheeler

    Does not come down on forehead

  120. Eric l pruitt

    Better then I expected


    “I had all my teeth out, I turned black and blue and other colors along the way. My head ached so bad I thought my head would fall off. (No such luck)

    I went on line to find something big enough to cover the job. This hood you can put in the freezer and then on your head it was big enough to come around my head and cover part of my cheeks, very close to heaven, and literally made it possible to survive the first two weeks.

    No normal ice pack I have ever seen would have done the job.

    thank you for going above and beyond.


  122. Customer

    Works well for my headache- my only complaint is if I’m laying on my back it falls to the back.

  123. Martha

    Very helpful for some headaches. Does not stay cold long enough. Buy two. The second one will last longer as your head will already be cold from wearing the first one.

  124. Cynthia

    awesome for migraines

  125. Teresa M. Stanisci

    I get horrible headaches. This was a gift and I thought it was silly until the first time I used it. It is amazing. All the advantages of ice without having to rest your head on a bag of ice. If you get migraines, worth the money – I ended up getting a second one so I could rotate.

  126. R. Pylman

    I bought this for my partner, who suffers from chronic migraines. She says it’s the most wonderful non-pharmaceutical treatment she’s found. Also? She wears it with ear muffs to keep her ears from freezing.

  127. WKW

    It really does the job!

  128. Jennifer A.

    I get chronic migraines and a friend recommended this product. I wish I could say I like it. But I really don’t. It was a total waste of my money and I never use it. The weight of the product is too much for me to handle while I have a migraine (which is the sole purpose of me using this product). And the velcro attachment comes straight across your neck so it feels like it’s lightly strangling you when you’re wearing it. Bad design. Really disappointing.

  129. Sue Jones

    I love this thing. It gets really cold…actually so cold I have to put some cloth (socks) around my ears for the first ten minutes so they don’t freeze off! I’m a medium-sized woman and the cap is a little large for my head, but I make it work. It’s really nice for when I have migraines as I find something really cold surrounding my head and neck area seems to help a little. I usually wear it at night in bed. It is comfortable; nothing scratchy on it except the velcro strap, which I don’t use unless I’m going to toss and turn. The cold lasts at least 20 minutes, but I often fall asleep before it stops working.

  130. Pippy Longstockings

    This is great – just shouldn’t have gotten the largest size. Highly recommend for those with migraines! The fit isn’t perfect (regardless of size) but it’s still better than anything else for migraines re. cold ice packs and such!

  131. P. Merson

    this device is comfortable and does a good job reducing your core temp. can help with heat strokes, between grueling outdoor workouts and neck problems , well made, functional device

  132. M. Sossong

    “i love it very much, i put it into the freezer all day and night then take it out and put on my head to go sleep since i have fibromyalgia issue. it helps … you could use thin towel over your head before putting the cold gel cap on.

    i still love it!!!!”

  133. sandman

    love Elasto gel have had the product for years and they work great and had to get more

  134. Vonda Rochelle

    I wish I had discovered this one sooner. I love this. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer so this is a dream come true. I wish it stayed colder longer but that is about my only complaint.

  135. Bookworm

    I got this for my mom who is a chronic migraine sufferer. She loves it. Not only is it COLD, but she says it’s peaceful, like being under water. The cap covers her ears nicely and blocks out noise. If you suffer like she and I do, you know how awful the noise can be during a migraine. You will look ridiculous in it, but I think fashion comes in second to pain relief. Seems like everyone wants the impossible for a cold pack. Cold packs don’t stay cold for that long period. Hot packs are the same. They stay hot/cold for a half hour tops. This is a good, well-made product that I think will hold up nicely and not leak compare to cheap CVS packs. Did you know you can make the same CVS pack using a wet diaper in a ziplock bag and freezing it? You get what you pay for.

  136. Michael K Jones

    This is a must for migrain folks- get two

  137. B. Holt

    I have *very* thick hair so I ordered the Extra Lg. My hairdresser says I have enough hair for 3 people. This cape is really big! I could have gone with a smaller size. Please note that this also covers your neck. I didn’t realize that when I bought it. For me, that makes it a bit uncomfortable because my migraines only affect the crown of my head.

  138. Jaime

    If you suffer from migraines I would highly recommend this! It doesn’t stay cold for as long as you’d like, so it’s worth getting 2 of them. Still worth every penny!! The Velcro strap is useless, just cut it off as you won’t need it anyway!

  139. Nuke

    Amazing for bad headaches. A little on the pricey side so docked one star. The eye mask is the most usable which is also cheaper so go with that.

  140. SL Maxwell

    My husband has horrible migraine headaches that incapacitate him and usually have him hiding in a very dark room for 24 hours. The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap combined with the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask have offered him a new source for taming the “Migraine Beast” as he calls it. I would highly recommend for anyone who has Migraines or a concussion. This product also helped my Mother re-coup from a bad fall that landed her in the hospital with a concussion, neck pain and light sensitivity. She combined the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask with the Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap for maximum relief of all her pain. The Elasto-Gel is very cold when taken out of the freezer so recommend letting it sit at room temp for a few minutes before placing on loved one’s ailment.

  141. Omaha Teacher

    This helps take the edge off my migraines.

  142. Momof1

    LOVE this product!!! Excellent for my migraine headaches. I keep it in the freezer. I am about to purchase a second one.

  143. Joann

    This cap worked great for a few day. Now it falls off even with the chin strap closed.

  144. Customer

    SO GREAT for migraines. Doesn’t stay cold for a long time, but it gets my head cold instantly for fast relief.

  145. L Shafer

    It helps

  146. gary renzullo

    works good

  147. R. Rose

    If you are buying this product to relieve migraine pain please save your money.The cranial cap is ineffective and non-refundable. It does not mold to the head and it only stays cold for ten minutes. I would reccomend buying a rectangular ice-pack, hard or soft, from CVS or other such retailer. Take the rectangular icepack and drape it over the top of your head. Then fasten it in place with a long sleeve t-shirt wrapped turban style around your head.

  148. Customer

    this was bought for my aged father who had a past episode with shingles on his head,,,, this works great, easily forms to head, , no small snaps or buttons for stiff fingers to have to work,,

  149. Ceecee

    I bought this to soothe my headaches and cover my whole head. I was using an ice pack that I had to keep moving around. I’m pleased with it.

  150. Rick’r

    I keep it in the freezer at work and on breaks i can slap it on to help cool down. Works pretty good.3.5 stars.

  151. Yup

    It works great for migraines!!

  152. Jane S

    too heavy

  153. Debra

    My husband has chronic headaches and has been using this with great results. I was very happy to find something that helped him. It stays cold for a pretty long time.

  154. TosaTat

    This product is great for migraine or tension headaches. When i had a bad migraine, I would take a pain reliever, pull this out of the freezer, put it on, and lay down for a nap. By the time I woke up, the pain would be mostly gone. I would have rated this five stars except it doesn’t stay cold for more than about 30 minutes. But you can put an extra gel cold pack inside to keep it colder longer. But, you are not supposed to keep cold on for longer than 20 minutes at a time anyway. It is really not a flaw, just my preference. The other thing, this cap can feel kind of weird on your head with the strap under your chin and on your neck. If you have a really bad migraine and are nauseated, i would not suggest walking around with this on because it could aggravate your nausea by irritating your throat and make you gag. But, when you have a migraine, I would think that you’d be pretty much laying down anyway. I learned to just put it on when I get into bed and problem is resolved. I do recommend this product as it really does help relieve headaches and also tooth or facial/trigeminal neuralgia pain.

  155. M. V. Kolar

    I’m having issues with what I believe is occipital neuropathy and my head and my right eye hurt. I actually turned it around so my entire face/eyes were covered and oh my goodness what a sweet relief. Actually, I will probably use this in the summertime (I don’t have a/c) just to keep me cool as well. I am absolutely delighted with the purchase. I don’t like the chin strap because I feel like it chokes me; however, my gland is swollen.

  156. Cristine M. Shuldberg

    i have had migraines for many many years and have tried so many meds and other things for them with little success. this cap is wonderful for any type of headache but also works extremely well for migraines as well.

  157. Michael P

    This thing is worth its weight in gold.

  158. vera

    Did not stay cold

  159. Linny

    I was disappointed because it is way too big (small/medium). I puckers on the side. I put a head band on over the side and it helped a lot. First time I used it it did not get cold so I turned it inside out and then it got really, really cold. Worked for about 20 minutes.

  160. Helen LL

    My head often feels like it is overheating after a long, stressful day. I bought this semi half-heartedly to alleviate some of the problem, and in fact it is WONDERFUL. It cools my head, calms me down, and somehow makes me fall right asleep. Immediate stress reliever. It must be some sort of sensory thing, but this cap is the best purchase I’ve ever made. Highly recommended, keep in the freezer. Five stars, but I wish it stayed cold a little longer than it does.

  161. Susie M.

    I haven’t needed to use this yet but my husband says it works like a charm for soothing his migraines.

  162. maritza medrano

    Best idea ever great for my migrained

  163. Alissa Cannon

    Great for my fibro migraines. Gets the back of your neck nice and cool. If you put this on and put your feet in a hot bath, it seems to confuse your brain and help with the migraine (well…it helped me – everyone’s different).

  164. alisa d.

    Love this works great for migraines!

  165. Brandon

    This is a must have for anyone with bad headaches. It lasts about 20 minutes and feels amazing. I pair it with a sinus mask and it really does help take the edge off those bad migraines.

  166. Customer

    The product works great! I bought it to help with my headaches that I have had for years after I was diagnosed with a brain disorder. I can finally say, job well done!! I love it.

  167. Zwykly Klijent

    The cap fits well on my large head. When I don’t want my neck chilled l fold that part up and use the provided Velcro to hold it up. My problem with it is that initially it is too cold on my head and then very quickly it loses its ability to chill. It is 10 or 15 minutes joy. I was hoping for much longer cooling period.

  168. Customer

    Not usable, too heavy, causes headaches.

  169. Brenda Kuether

    This is the MOST AMAZING thing I’d seen in ages! I suffer from severe occipital neuralgia with burning sensation all over my head. This cap is the BEST! Highly recommend it for people who such with migraine headaches. Quality is SUPERB! And extremely fast shipment!

  170. Cheryl Bruss

    Works great. Stays cold for quite awhile. The nice thing is, it doesn’t have to have ice packs put in it. The gel is a lot smoother than ice would be.

  171. Baba

    “I ordered it for my wife &

    my daughter, They are very happy with it.”

  172. mc

    “The shape is odd. It doesn’t conform to my natural head shape so i need to hold it in place with my hand to get full cooling. I had to get the large to get a longer chin strap (which is still too small) so the odd shape issue is a bit worse than it could/should be.

    The strap is too short. Another 4 inches of fabric or moving the velcro you attach to closer to the chin and it would be able to close comfortably. I will probably adjust this myself.

    It doesn’t stay cold for long. It remains therapeutic for longer than it stays very cold so you could keep using it longer to get benefit but the best benefit is gotten in the first 15 minutes or so.

    This is a great idea but the implementation needs improvement.”

  173. Customer

    Did not keep head cold for long. My migraine headaches need more than 15 minutes of cold to stop the pounding. I added my other soft bendable ones under the cap to finished the job. It did work for normal for my other ones very well.

  174. Ginger

    “I really like this. I wish I could cover the velcro part up when I don’t have it closed with the elastic (which can feel too tight across my neck during a migraine), because my hair often gets stuck in it.

    It holds the temperature well and doesn’t get bunched up with all the ice in one spot.”

  175. Brittany Vaughn

    It dosent work. I wanted it to so bad. My doctor recommended I not buy the product, but when your in chemo you’ll take any chance to not lose your hair. I still lost my hair. I can’t say if it lasted longer with the product or not, but I did lose the hair.

  176. Customer

    “Wish it lasted longer…lasts maybe an hour, tops. It is very good, but recommend getting two.

    Used it the other night and it chased the migraine away. Worth the money.”

  177. Motoracer


  178. Anna S.

    OMG this is a life saver a friend of mine told me about this for my migraine’s and it Helps a lot . Wish I had this year’s ago

  179. Just Me

    Awesome product, I use it when working out so I don’t get overheated.

  180. Lisa Williams

    This ice pack is a must have for anyone with migraines! I wish I had known about this years before!

  181. Jason Parrish

    I recently developed migraines and this cranial cap, cooled nicely in the freezer, is one of the few things that can really provide me some relief. I just wish it stayed cold longer, but I guess I’m just going to have to buy two. It’s worth it.

  182. Nada

    Still, it’s more than nice to be able to move about while nursing a headache. I second a previous reviewer: you can add a second gel pack underneath this one if you need more chill factor.

  183. Michelle K. Lange

    I’ve been a migraine sufferer for over ten years, and only recently discovered how extremely helpful it is to have an ice pack on my head to dull some of the pain. Since most ice packs are bulky and uncomfortable for use on the head, I thought this would be a much better option. It is extremely comfortable and easy-to-use, but simply does not get cold enough for my taste. (Then again, I get very severe migraines that are resistant to most medicine and ice packs, even in combination) Layering two of them on top of each other is a simple way to keep the cold for a longer period of time, and is still quite comfortable. I do really appreciate the fact that I can walk around and function while wearing these during some of my less severe migraines. If you get mild to moderate migraines they might help you quite a bit- but I would recommend buying at least three so you can rotate them in and out of the freezer when they become too warm, which is usually within a half an hour. Be careful about sleeping with them on, because they will warm up through the night and when you wake up will have reached your body temperature and could easily make a migraine much worse! If your migraines are more severe like mine are, a ziplock bag with ice water is a simple way to get extreme cold. You can’t walk around with it on your head, but who wants to walk around with a severe migraine anyway? I also use the elasto-gel cap to hold a colder ice pack in place sometimes, which looks pretty ridiculous but works extremely well and stays cold for longer. I hope this informations helps, because I understand how desperate a migraine sufferer needs relief! Good luck!

  184. SandyL

    I bought this for my niece that suffers from horrible migraines. She had been using ice packs to help her through her pain and said they were drippy and awkward. She asked to get another cap so she would have a back up when this one was no longer cold.

  185. Annon

    This product works wonderful for migraines, but is just too heavy! I have Fibromyalgia and I found it uncomfortable and I had to return it. It was too heavy for my head and with the Fibro, trying to hold it up made my neck muscles kill!! But, I have other products that are similar and you have to store them carefully! Lay it as flat as you can and in the same way it came. I put mine in 2 ziplock bags to prevent any freezer smells and then I put that in Tupperware. Be very careful with the Velcro!! It will stick to the spandex type material and fray it. Check out all the other products, they have everything for every muscle group! This is worth the money as long as you intend on taking good care of it and have a really strong neck! Customer service for these guys is great also!

  186. pinkbling

    I suffered from a Internal Carotid Artery Dissection and a Internal Vertebral Artery Dissection and suffered excruciating head and neck pain. This Cranial Cap was my best friend during the most painful period in my life! I ordered 2 so that I would always have one cold. To have something that covers your ENTIRE head AND neck- no words!! Just what someone needs who suffers from this type of injury. Of course, I always wished it stayed cold a little longer but it did stay cold long enough to bring relief…. having something to wrap around my entire head and neck was amazing! I also ordered the Elasto gel Hot/Cold Sinus Mask and used it cold across my forhead and eyes 1. because it felt heavenly and 2. because it helped to keep the cranial cap in place (it was a little big for my head 🙂 I still use these products when I get reoccurring headaches- couldn’t live without them !!!!! )Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask 9″ x 3.5″ SM301Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask 9″ x 3.5″ SM301

  187. Rebecca

    The cold is nice, and feels good, but it doesn’t stay cold for long (maybe 20 minutes max.) The cap doesn’t fit tightly at the forehead and temples. I agree that it is better for mild pain, because it does help and it’s really nice to have something you don’t have to tie on or hold onto your head. Kind of pricey for what it does.

  188. D. Morris

    I bought this for my adult daughter who is plagued with migraines. She says it has noticeably helped, and has recommended it to other family members. I gave it four stars instead of five because it looks, um, a bit goofy. 🙂

  189. D. Hanrahan

    This item chills all the parts of my head where I need it when I get a migraine or a tension headache. I just wish it would stay cold longer. It seems like it warms up pretty fast. But it definitely helps.

  190. Richard Bourgeois

    Perfection for migraine

  191. Valuegal

    “I consider three items before ordering this one: this one, the smaller version of this one, and the one for chemo patients trying to keep there hair. My goal was to have cooling while exercising, as studies show this to be beneficial. I had difficulty in choosing a size, I found the given measurements unhelpful. When I used a tape measure and measured my head around my hair just above my eyebrows, I am 23 inches. this cap has quite a bit of stretch in the material and the Large/Extra Large is too big. I went with this size because my hair is quite thick.

    Sizing is really important to get good contact for heat transference. This product gaps significantly around my face so I tighten up at the neck to try to get better contact. I was marginally successful. I found the strap very uncomfortable on my neck. The stitching around the neck does not allow the fabric to stretch to its capability, so the scratchy strap is in constant contact with my neck.

    I think the product is useful and would have been great if it had been a better fit. if you head measurement is similar to mine you may have better results with the smaller version. Or the design of the chemo one may be better, although it is more expensive. I may try an beanie hat on top of this to try to improve the contact with my head.

    Good luck with migraines or whatever you purpose it. If you do get a cap it would help us all if you post a head circumference and fit information.”

  192. sweetbrowns

    I’ve suffered from migraine headaches for several years & holding a heavy brick sized ice pack to my head is troublesome, especially when I’m somewhat functional during the work day before the migraine gets worse, i.e. one handed typing is no fun. The Elasto-Gel when kept in the freezer for extended periods is very cold at first & yes it is flexible but doesn’t stay ice cold for very long, maybe six minutes? I read a review that mentions it’s cold for about ten minutes which I think is generous. I’m in the Los Angeles area, close to the beach & the weather is very moderate. For this reason after reading the “ten minute” review, I bought three of these on my first order. I only wish it stayed ice cold longer. I might also add that the current photo isn’t exactly accurate, i.e. dark blue w/ the “Elasto-Gel” print. The three I received are more of a royal “Kansas City Royals” blue w/o the white printing. As I wear these in the office it garners an understandable laugh or smile.. I’m just glad I don’t have to advertise Elasto-Gel at the same time!

  193. Elise S

    I bought the s/m size and am a female the fit was too large in the lower half of the item. Once you try the item on you are not suppose to return it as the return policy states this is for health code reasons. Furthermore the seller has a hefty restocking fee. After I found out I could not return it I decided to put it in the freezer. I suffer from migraines and found that this cold therapy cap did not help me at all. It does not stay cold long enough. Also it has a seam that runs down the back of the item where your nerves run up your neck. This is one of the areas that needed to be cold. Because of the seam that area is not even covered with the gel. The loose fit of the cap makes this a very useless! I will just stick with my other eye mask products when I feel a migraine come on. Save your money and stay away from this product.

  194. J. Istre

    I use it quite often, this thing is great. very durable easy to keep in freezer, super relaxing, gel has a even temperature across entire surface, stays cold decently long. Well worth the money! I could suggest they improve it by making it thicker, but then it might be heavy.

  195. D. Criscione

    It is heavy, and even though they say it is small /medium, it is too large for a small head. Haven’t used it as much as I wanted to because of this. Would be okay for a large head.

  196. Stacy Dodson

    This mask really comes in handy for migraines. Companion this with the Gel Mask and it’s the perfect combination for a bad headache. They last about 30 to 45 minutes or so with that “cold cold” feeling but long enough for the pain pill to kick in. I definately recommend this for Migraine sufferers and those bad allergy headaches.

  197. junder7

    My fiance has chronic headaches from allergies, etc. and he thought I was crazy and refused to use it when I first pulled this out. After a few times of seeing (and laughing at) me with this on and how quickly my headaches seemed to dwindle he finally tried it out and was amazed that it worked. He has worse headaches than me and wishes we had two to swap out once one cools down. They stay cool for about 20 minutes which is perfect for me but if you have severe headaches that last you might want to invest in two. I plan to purchase another one soon.

  198. Katie W

    Looks very silly but works very well. Keeps cool for awhile and when you pair it with thve neck one…awww!

  199. vurtil opmer

    Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially because I was looking for thoughts on this issue last Sunday.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Have never warmed mine. I keep in fridge and its amazing help with my migraine headaches
  2. A I ordered the largest one and it is huge, it fits my 6'4" son's head (with room) all the way to his neck base. I think his head size is 23" This cap is heaven and covers the ears. It is cold and I often have to cover my ears with a cloth. If you plan to wear it while laying down it will present no problem. Walking around it is heavy. If I had to buy it again, I must admit I would. It has a strap under the neck to hold it in place. It is comfortable too. I hope this answers your question
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