Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cervical Collar Wrap


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Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cervical Collar Wrap

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  • Reduces acute pain
  • Relief for muscular tissue injuries
  • Adjustable Velcro Hook
  • Can be used hot or cold

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Whether using the Lycra or Polycotton cover, the Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar Wrap offers the same healing properties. The cervical collar provides relief for muscular and soft tissue neck injuries.

The Lycra cover is endowed with 4-way stretch with a loop in the back, letting the Velcro stick anywhere on the collar creating a custom fit every time. While the cotton cover has a Velcro hook, which is the only place to position the Velcro strap to hold the collar in place.

The wrap can be used for either hot or cold therapy. Using the wrap for cold therapy soothes acute/sharp pain such as whiplash and muscle strains. On the other hand, heat therapy eases reoccurring pain like old injuries.

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38 reviews for Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cervical Collar Wrap

  1. Evelyn Goleman

    This cervical collar is very comfortable, and light enough that it doesn’t weigh my neck down or make it feel worse. I can walk around or do other things while the collar is on, since it has a velcroe closure. I keep it in the freezer, and pop it on when I get a headache in the base of my skull or a stiff neck.

  2. Sparkle

    I suffer from chronic neck pain and pop this in the microwave frequently. After repeated use it has not leaked and still is comforting for my neck and in between my shoulderblades.

  3. Chris Neill

    Good fit and great idea, however it wasn’t cold enough for our needs

  4. Stacy Allen

    Really works. Repieves neck pain. Stays cold. Great product. Good buy. Recommended to all with complaints of neck pain. Buy this.

  5. SL Maxwell

    “I have used the Elasto-gel products since I first fell 16 years ago. They were first introduced to me during my first physical therapy appointment. I still have my original Cervical Collar from 16 years ago but ordered a second so I could use one on my neck and one on my back. They last forever and have covers available for order if you snag or damage your original outer cover.

    This is a hot/cold pack that can be used in either fashion but mine never leaves the freezer unless it is on my neck or back relieving my pain. Thanks Elasto-Gel for a wonderful product!”

  6. Jennifer Alban

    Has really helped me recovery! The product stays cool for over an hour and fits perfectly around my knee and shoulders, so its a great dual purpose.

  7. Bryan Lasater

    These are great…and you won’t find a better or less expensive item elsewhere!

  8. Melanie Vanderlooven

    Keeps the cold and love the flexibility. Velcro straps could have been a little bit longer

  9. Julie Heiman

    The product was delivered on time and as described.

  10. pete

    Cold therapy made convenient and easy… nice job on not just the neck… NO regrets !

  11. Product Reviews

    Works great just wish stayed colder a little longer but it definitely is nice and can secure it as well!

  12. Teedums

    It fits. Most don’t. It keeps you cold for a very long time. So nice you can wash the cover that comes with it. It’s cold. But not that burning cold that you must use a towel to protect skin. You can put it on right out of the freezer. And best of all no leaks or drops of oozy blue gel coming out gooey all over you and your cloths, furniture ect. It’s the best ice PAC I’ve ever had.

  13. Eve

    Doesn’t sit on my skin when wrapped around my neck, I have to push and hold it there (inconvenient). Also the cooling effect only lasts 10-15 minutes before you have to freeze for hours again..

  14. redi2trvl

    Love these cervical collars. I buy new ones every couple of years & use them every day! Even travel w/them.

  15. HeyTeacher31

    IT stays in place!! Need I say more? You don’t have to lie face down with your head in a pillow – you can actually stay upright!!

  16. finicky shopper

    “I use ice packs a lot and was looking for something that could stay in place while I moved around.

    While this accomplishes that, I have to agree with the comment that it doesn’t get very cool, even after leaving overnight in the freezer.- I am used to putting ice packs on bare skin, or the slightest layer of fabric between skin and the ice pack. I suspect the problem is the several layers of thick fabric on top of the gel pack.”

  17. Debbie G.

    I recently had a spinal cord injury. Along with spinal stenosis. I now own 3 of these I keep one in the freezer and on I can heat up. I have worn the other completely out. This product has been a life saver. It helps me control my pain more and helps me spread out the pain pills

  18. allen leatham

    Works For Mom

  19. Carol

    The Elasto-gel products are so great! They are always comfortable on my skin, and keep the area nice and cold, but with no worry of being too cold to damage skin (really prefer the Elasto-gel over using ice for this very reason!). This time I am using the cervical collar after neck surgery – bought 3 so that I could rotate through them in the freezer, having one that is always cold. Working really well. Our family also has a couple of the large wraps for use on shoulders and knees. These products are really well made and last! They are a must for anyone having surgery!

  20. Christopher Collins

    These collars are great!!! They provide the exact cold therapy needed. I would highly recommend there collars. The price is also great. well worth purchasing.

  21. speckot

    Thank you.

  22. James Fay

    This product was recommended by my sister. I purchase two units and I am surprised at how often they are both in use.

  23. Wendy

    Unsatisfactoy! They must have changed this product. Looks similar to my old Elasto-gel Cervical Collar but this product hardly turns cold at all! I’m back to using my old one.

  24. L. Hellman

    PERFECT!!! I have neck problems AND I remain active.Awesome for people like me. Its stays on beautifully, cold but a “comfortable” cold and I can use it as i do other things around the house. No longer a slave to a pac and the couch for 15 minutes. Tend to use it more because of it’s ease. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!

  25. Mary Lou Prosser

    Use it daily for neck and back – love it!

  26. asif

    These are amazing for cold therapy, I have not tried them for hot as yet. I use them in my massage office.

  27. choosyfloosy

    this is a very well shaped gel collar for neck pain caused by over stretching or accidentally bumping the head/neck area for my granddaughter the gymnest. it was very helpful with her recent injury.

  28. Michael J Skeen

    This fits really well and really helped me through a spinal injury I had, but when frozen, it just never quite feels cold enough. Works great with heat.

  29. There is not enough gel in this for it to really work alone for icing. However, it makes a dandy, if expensive, holder for an additional gel ice pack, and does contribute some to the icing process.

  30. LBG

    This isn’t the same weight of gel as in their other shapes. Much thinner, so it gives very little heat or cool time. The neck roll is a better choice, as it holds temperature for much longer.

  31. walking gently

    feels wonderful on stiff/painful neck and shoulder muscles!

  32. Tara Young

    I got these to wear at my desk because I get neck pain and inflammation from working at a desk long hours. I had hoped I could wear this while working. It’s not very good for that as I had hoped. You can strap it on but it feels like it’s choking you if you get it snug enough to get it close enough to your neck and upper back to do any good. It doesn’t stay cold very long at all. I bought 2 to alternate. I’ve just had to resort to using them while lying down on a pillow and leaving it flat.

  33. C. winslow

    I have purchased this product before and decided to get another. I keep one in Florida and another at our home up north. It helps to bring relief to my cervical area. I have quite a few issues there and find that this is great ! The heat tends to loosen up the tense muscles.

  34. MoonStreak

    I purchased several of these for family members. Used it only as a heat pad so far. Very convenient. Just throw it into to the microwave for about 2 minutes for just the right amount of heat. Relieves my neck pain. I have not yet used it as a cold compress, but it should work well cold also.

  35. hollyvilla1

    This is the best heat/cold therapy product we’ve tried — keeps heat a long time. Bought one several years ago and love it. Wanted a 2nd one for spouse to use. If using it for cold therapy, user MUST be careful NOT to get it wet or damp. Even condensation dampness can ruin the product because it absorbs moisture and gets hard. Keeping Elasto-gel product in supplied heavy-duty plastic bag when using for cold therapy helps prevent the moisture problem.

  36. LL

    I love this cervical collar! I have had neck issues off and on for 17 years and this is the best product. I love that it stays in place. That it isnt heavy to wear. That it is nice and cold. It’s my favorite! Ive recommended it to others and have even purchased it as a gift for others. It is well worth the price.

  37. vurtilopmer

    I am always looking online for ideas that can aid me. Thank you!

  38. JanisC

    I have used & given to others to use, my Elastogel for over 20 yrs. Had radiation when I was 1st referred to use Elastogel, then rear-ended 4xs, still use it when u need it. Even used on my knees, back, neck, stomach!! Whether hot or cold. Buy 2 keep 1 in the freezer on demand!

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hello, Good morning. I apologize but we do not have the cover for the Collar Wrap.
  2. A Directions for COLD THERAPY • Place gel pack in freezer for 2 hours or more. • Remove pack from freezer and place inside the cloth cover. • Close compartment and apply compression wrap as shown and secure by attaching the elastic strap. • Remains flexible after frozen. Gel pack will maintain cold therapy for 30-60 minutes. It is best to keep an extra gel pack in the freezer to replace the original that is in use when it is no longer cold. The pack may remain in freezer until next use.
  3. A We have been using them for years. The gel pak gets plenty cold, but does not hold the coldest state very long. They do stay cool for about thirty minutes. We keep three of them in plastic bags in the freezer and rotate them to keep cold ones available in the freezer. For neck pain and headaches they are the best cold pak that we have found - and we have tried many
  4. A It will fit you. The collar itself is 20 inches with an additional Velcro strap.
  5. A If you are going to use this product for hot therapy only, then there is no need to keep it in the freezer. If you do want to use it for cold therapy also, my product is ready to use in an hour or so. Give or take a few minutes. Hope this helps you.
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