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  • Reduces the level of bacteria
  • Never dries out
  • Absorbs fluids
  • Protects the wound
  • Promotes a moist wound environment
  • Will not destroy healthy skin

Elasto-Gel Wound Dressing provides wounds with a moist environment that is highly absorbent to accelerate healing. Elasto-Gel Wound Dressing has bacteriostatic, which reduces the level of bacteria better than other dressings. The moist environment not only reduces bacteria and absorbs, but it protects and will not hurt healthy skin. The dressing stops the growth of bacteria and germs like Pseudomonas a, MRSA, Staphylococcus a, E. Coli, and Streptococcus p. The wound dressing comes in various sizes to comfortably fit wounds of any shape.

  1. Select the correct dressing size.
  2. Clean the wound and match the appropriately sized dressing.
  3. The dressing should extend 2.5 cm to 5cm over the wound for best results.
  4. The dressing may be cut to fit wound area with scissors. Be sure to leave the clear film on gel side while resizing with scissors.
  5. Without removing the fabric backing, remove the clear film and apply the gel directly to the wounded area.
  6. Use tape, elastic wrap, gauze wrap, stretching net, or similar type products to secure the dressing.
  7. If the dressing is saturated with fluids, change out the dressing.
  • 4"x4" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 4"x4" Sterile-Thin Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 2"x3" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 3" Circle Dressing Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 5"x5" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 6"x8" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 6"x8" Sterile-Thin Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 12"x12" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 12"x12" Sterile-Thin Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 8"x16" Sterile Dressing : 5 / Box
  • 8"x16"  Sterile-Thin Dressing : 5 / Box

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