Discover the power of cold therapy

You might be a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of cold therapy at first, but it may be able to make a huge difference in the long term. See how cold therapy can help your whole body, including inflammation, mental health, and more. If you want to reduce your inflammation, boost your mood, improve your health, enhance your immune…


Learn about the benefits of Heat and Cold Therapy!

People often rely on hot and cold therapy, which can be a reasonably priced, convenient technique for injury treatment. This therapy is often used as pain relief for injuries associated with damage and overuse of muscle groups and joints. Heat therapy uses hot water bottles, heat pads, or warm baths. Cold therapy features ice packs, cool water, or cold compresses.…


These quick and easy instructions can help relieve your pain now!

Quick and easy instructions to help relieve your neck and back pain now! One of the more common questions we hear from patients is, When should I use ice and when should I use heat? Ice reduces inflammation and swelling. It is used for acute injuries and pain. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, it swells up; that…


When Is It Better To Use Heat Or Ice For Lower Back Pain?

Both heat and cold therapy can be beneficial and can provide relief of lower back pain. If you are yet to become acquainted with heat or ice, be sure to incorporate these therapies into your daily routine appropriately. As medicinal lower back pain results, read on to find out whether you should be using heat or ice. Lower Back Pain?…

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