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Mission Statement

Pro Therapy Supplies® core mission is to promote health and wellness by providing high quality brand products at competitive pricing.

Vision Statement

Pro Therapy Supplies® goal is to become the leader in medical, therapy, and fitness supplies. Our unparalleled customer service illustrates our commitment to improving the lives of our clientele. We strive to push the limits of innovation and logistics around the world by offering a comprehensive line of high quality products.

Sean T – CEO

About Pro Therapy Supplies®

Pro Therapy Supplies® is a fast-paced environment where our team members are passionate about customer service and ensuring every experience is a great one. Pro Therapy Supplies® is truly an environment where we embrace technology and deliver a superior secure shopping experience that protects our customers from prying eyes.  Our core motto is to under promise and over deliver while forming strong relationships with our customers.

Pro Therapy Supplies® is a Distributor, and due to our commitment, we are dedicated to providing the leading medical, therapy and fitness brands such as: GAIAMToppikBiofreezeObus FormeTRIKKEGHT ThreeLacPediFix, and TheraCane just to name a few.

Pro Therapy Supplies® also has relationships with industry leading medical and therapy professionals to ensure the products we bring to market are reliable, and deliver the results our customers have come to expect. 

Our product line consist of items such as: Tens Unitswheelchairsincontinenceaids to daily livingrehabilitation, and supplements. Our customers quickly discover Pro Therapy Supplies has all of the top brands for their needs.  If there is a product you would like we are always open to suggestions.  

Our Story

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